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Water Jerry


  • Reliance Rhino-Pak - 6 Gal

    The Rhino-Pak is 5.5 gallon (20 Liter) rugged water container. It is made of extremely thick plastic, and has a premium spigot and vent cap. It features a side panel design that locks it in place when paired with another Rhino-Pak; locks together upright on on it's side.

    Strap it down on your ATV rack and go exploring; tie it down on your raft and take on the white water; or simply slide it in your car and go on an adventure.

    NOTE: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause the water container to degrade and become brittle, increasing the chance of leaks. It is highly recommended to store water containers in cool shaded areas.
    l Length: 14.75 Width: 6.25 Height: 19.00
    l Weight: 2.87lbs

    • Brand = Reliance
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 2606-2

    Item ID: 68651

    Category: Water Jerry

  • Scepter Water Container Lid

    Replacement Lid for the rugged Scepter Water Containers.
    This lid fits the newest lot of Scepter Containers #70849.02.
    The small spout makes it easier to fill water bottles, and a breather hole provides great airflow for easy pouring, and has its own cap.
    The plastic is BPA-free and will not add taste, odor, or any chemicals to the water.
    The Scepter Nozzle, # 70847.01, threads on the spout. 

    • Brand = Scepter
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 4160-153

    Item ID: 168283

    Category: Water Jerry

  • Seattle Sports 8L Aquasto Collapsible Water Carrier

    The better water storage/carrier solution. Lightweight PVC & BPA free material create a strong, but super-collapsible water carrier. Perfect for camping, boating, hunting, backpacking, and more. Big Mouth design allows you to easily fill, pour, and use alternative water purification systems. Threading works with most Nalgene & CamelBak lids. Compatible with MSR Miniworks EX water filter. 

    • Brand = Seattle Sports
    • Size = 8L
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Blue

    Item Number: 175-5246

    Item ID: 140595

    Category: Water Jerry


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