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Washes & Cleaners


  • Nathan 64oz Powerwash ~NEW~

    Powerwash removes trapped odors, restores factory-applied waterproofing, keeps high-tech fabric looking and performing like new, restores wicking properties, restores loft and effectiveness to down and synthetic insulation, removes blood and grass stains, prevents color fading and prevents damage from residual chlorine. Made from biodegradable vegetable surfactants.

    • Brand = Nathan
    • Size = 64oz
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 88167

    Category: Washes & Cleaners

  • Nikwax Down Wash Direct ~NEW~

    Cleans, maintains, and restores the hydrophobic loft of down-filled sleeping bags, duvets, comforters and clothing.

    • Brand = Nikwax
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 43528

    Category: Washes & Cleaners

  • Nikwax Tech Wash ~NEW~

    Cleans and protects the water-repellent finish on waterproof clothing, equipment, synthetic insulated garments and sleeping bags. Doubles the life of Nikwax treatments. Do not allow product to freeze.

    Item ID: 43525

    Category: Washes & Cleaners


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