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  • DueNorth Size S Traction

    All Purpose Traction
    Add snow and ice traction to any pair of shoes with these slip-on, stowable traction devices. The All Purpose stretch to fit over footwear for a snug and contoured fit. Special compound and form-ftting design retains elasticity in all temperatures to fit almost any footwear. Wide, thick heel straps give dependable grip, durability, and long wear. Bi-directional tread with diamond pattern provides excellent traction, push-off, and lateral grip.

    Item ID: 39199

    Category: Traction

  • GripOns Traction

    GripOns significantly improve traction on ice and snow. Features high quality steel spikes under the ball and heel of your foot and provides excellent slip and fall protection on slick surfaces. Easy on and off with full wrap toe and heal. Easily fits over any type of shoe or boot (for high volume boots use 1 size up). Not for technical climbing.
    Men: 3-5 (S), 5.5-7 (M), 7.5-10 (L) & 10.5-13 (XL)

    Item ID: 13483

    Category: Traction

  • Grivel Anit Slip Spider TRaction ~NEW~

    Anti Slip Spider
    A ten-pointed nylon plastic structure which will fit any type of shoe (no adjustments required). Properly used, the Spider will provide an important margin of safety to the trekker who finds himself on snow, iced-over trails, wet grass and weather or simply hiking on steep, muddy terrain. Also very helpful to hunters, fisherman and mountain photographers, Spiders are especially useful to professionals who encounter snow and ice on a daily basis in winter: park rangers, loggers and snow-making equipment operators at ski resorts. Mountain Rescue Teams will appreciate the fact that Spiders may be adjusted to any shoes without tools. CAUTION: the Spider is not a crampon designed for alpinism.

    • Brand = Grivel
    • Size = One Size
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 39198

    Category: Traction

  • Ice Trekker Chains Winter Traction ~NEW~

    Ice Trekker Chains
    Tire chains for your feet, perfect for all snow conditions, including packed and crusty surfaces. The durable links are made from case hardened steel. The unique ladder pattern under the ball of the foot, combined with the triangular pattern on the heel provides stable footing and comfort for extended wear. The hearty rubber sling is flexible in subzero temperatures and securely, even in deep snow. Durable traction at an affordable price.

    Item ID: 39194

    Category: Traction

  • Ice Trekker Diamond Grip Traction ~NEW~

    Icetrekkers Diamond Grip
    The innovative Diamond Bead design provides aggressive traction for all winter walking conditions. Great for users that have to transition from bare concrete, gravel and mud to snow and ice covered surfaces.  Made of case hardened steel alloy and strung on steel aircraft cable, the patented Diamond Beads have hundreds of biting edges that grip in all directions.  The bead assemblies are riveted to a tough rubber sling which remains elastic in subzero temperatures.  They are self clearing to prevent buildup.

    Item ID: 39190

    Category: Traction

  • Kahtoola FlightBoot Size Unkown Traction


    • Brand = Kahtoola
    • Size = Unkown
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Black

    Item ID: 89010

    Category: Traction

    Original Price: $49.00 save 20%
    $149.00 save 74%
  • Kahtoola Microspikes ~NEW~

    Kahtoola’s MICROspikes™ are a pocket-sized traction system that allow anyone, of any age, to get out and safely enjoy winter. These slip-on spikes dig into all types of terrain: ice, packed snow, wet rocks, concrete and scree. Extremely durable, they attach securely to your footwear and require no special buckles or straps.
    XS: Youth 1-4, 9.8 oz.
    • SM: Youth 4.5-7, Women's 5.5-8.5, Wt: 11.4 oz.
    • MD: Women's 8.5-12, Men's 7-10.5, Wt: 12.7 oz.
    • LG: Men's 10.5-14, Wt: 14.4 oz.
    • XL: Men's 14-16, Wt: 15.6 oz.

    Item ID: 62903

    Category: Traction

  • Kahtoola NANOspikes - XS *

    Calling all runners: Winter training made possible with Kahtoola’s newest product. NANOspikes™ winter footwear traction is an ultralight, low profile winter traction device. The evolved spike design bites into icy sidewalks or roads. Features: reinforced eyelets for increase durability and heel tab for easy on and off. Tungsten carbide spike, length 0.21". Includes carrying case.
    XS: Men's 5-6.5, Women's 6-7.5
    S: Men's 6.5-8, Women's 7.5-9
    M: Men's 8-10, Women's 9-11
    L: Men's 10-12, Women's 11-13
    XL: Men's 12-14, Women's 13+

    Item ID: 84653

    Category: Traction


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