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  • Atlas Access Elektra 23 W Blue ~NEW!~

     Allowing you to maximize your natural gait on rolling and uneven terrain, the Access and Elektra Access deliver comfort and confidence to its wearer, thanks to a heel-lift bar, Wrapp Trail binding, and Light-Ride Suspension.

    Item Number: 175-4515

    Item ID: 129139

    Category: Snowshoe

  • Atlas Helium Trail Kit 26 Black

    The Helium Trail snowshoe kit includes one pair of the new Helium Trail snowshoes, one pair of Trail Walking 2-Piece Poles, and a Snowshoe Tote bag. Available in either 23" or 26" sizes, the new Helium-Trail snowshoe boasts a flexible composite frame coupled with tempered steel traction rails that create a rugged, yet lightweight package. And 19 degree heel lifts ensure comfortable travel, even on the steepest of slopes. 

    Item Number: 175-4725

    Item ID: 131756

    Category: Snowshoe

  • Atlas Snowshoe Access 25 ~NEW!~

     Allowing you to maximize your natural gait on rolling and uneven terrain, the Access and Elektra Access deliver comfort and confidence to its wearer, thanks to a heel-lift bar, Wrapp Trail binding, and Light-Ride Suspension.

    Item Number: 175-4513

    Item ID: 129137

    Category: Snowshoe

  • Atlas Womens Snowshoe

    Elektra Collection

    • Brand = Atlas
    • Gender = Womens
    • Condition = Pre-Owned

    Item Number: 4425-2

    Item ID: 174269

    Category: Snowshoe

    Original Price: $150.00
  • Black Diamond Traverse Ski Poles 145CM ~NEW!~

     From early-season novelty turns to mid-winter storms and spring objectives, the Black Diamond Traverse Pro ski poles are primed for any day in the backcountry. The Traverse Pro poles feature a durable all-aluminum construction with a redesigned grip for improved ergonomics. FlickLock Pro adjustability allows for quick and secure length changes, while innovative SwitchRelease technology in the wrist strap and a lockable release adds a measure of safety in the event a pole gets caught in bushes or trees. The poles also feature a touring ring with Soft Touch upper shaft coating for quick choke-ups in steep or sidehill terrain.

    Item Number: 175-4517

    Item ID: 129141

    Category: Snowshoe

  • Emory Peak Traverse Snowshoes w/ poles ~NEW~

    • Aluminum Frame for Lightweight Durability - A balance of strength and maneuverability offers the versatility for both on-trail and backcountry hikes.
    • Less Exhaustion, More Exploration - The bindings free-rotating axis minimizes the energy it takes to climb steep ascents by utilizing the whole surface of the snowshoe.
    • Get a Grip - The Traverse has enhanced metal spikes that dig deep for a secure grip and excellent stability on variable terrain.
    • Perfect Fit Every Time - The individual heel band uses a clip fastener for a snug wrap around the back of the foot, and a quick release ratchet system prevents slippage.
    • A Size for Everyone - The Traverse comes in two sizes: the 825 (fits snowshoers 100-175 lbs) and the 930 (ideal for 150-200lbs).


    Item Number: 2837-165

    Item ID: 112744

    Category: Snowshoe

  • LL Bean Size Youth Snowshoe

    • Brand = LL Bean
    • Size = Youth
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Red

    Item Number: 2982-27

    Item ID: 169953

    Category: Snowshoe

    Original Price: $39.00
  • MSR Evo Trail Red ~NEW!~

     The classic Evo snowshoes remain a favorite of snowshoers around the world, delivering MSR’s legendary dependability, built for the trail. With traction bars molded into its UniBody deck, it offers the essential grip needed for even modest slopes in less than ideal conditions.

    Item Number: 175-4257

    Item ID: 127672

    Category: Snowshoe

  • MSR Snowshoe Shift Blue ~NEW!~

     The Shift snowshoe is engineered for adventurous preteens, providing them with the same performance and features of our adult shoes for maximum fun and safety while snowshoeing. For parents who seek to share their passion for the outdoors, the Shift snowshoe offers the priceless benefit of top-level MSR performance, ensuring their kids have the full opportunity to enjoy the experience. Fits shoes sizes sizes 1-7 US (Men's)

    Item Number: 175-4519

    Item ID: 129143

    Category: Snowshoe

  • MSR Tyker Purple ~NEW!~

     A kid-sized version of our strong, reliable Denali snowshoes, these easy-to-use snowshoes are intended for children who weigh up to 90 pounds (41 kg). They feature steel crampons and kid-friendly molded traction bars for great all-around traction and added safety. Kids' shoe sizes 7.5-13.5 and adult sizes 14.5.

    Item Number: 175-4511

    Item ID: 129135

    Category: Snowshoe

  • MSR Tyker Snowshoe


    • Brand = MSR
    • Size = Youth
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Red

    Item Number: 34-21794

    Item ID: 149595

    Category: Snowshoe

    Original Price: $35.00 save 20%
    $60.00 save 53%
  • Redfeather Hike Snowshoe Kits

    This series is ideal for casual hiking, walking, and outdoor exploration. Redfeather's rounded tail design provides maximum flotation and balance in deep snow. The All Terrain Bindings are extremely easy to put on and take off and quickly adjust to accommodate a wide variety of footwear. The bindings will always stay snug and secure. The perfect snowshoe for people just getting into the sport. Live-action hinge technology - snowshoe springs back after each step providing smooth, natural ergonomic motion. Stainless steel front and rear crampons offer superior traction. Assorted colors.


    • Kits Include: Snowshoes, a set of trekking poles and tote bag.


    Item Number: 175-4267

    Item ID: 127682

    Category: Snowshoe


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