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Ski Socks


  • Bridgedale Lightweight Merino Endurance Ski Socks

     Bridgedale's Lightweight Merino Ski socks balance weight and performance to provide a ski sock that is moderately warm and cushioned while remaining lightweight. This performance ski sock has micro cushioned foot and shin pads which provide comfort during long days on the mountain.

    Item Number: 175-4588

    Item ID: 129803

    Category: Ski Socks

  • Bridgedale Midweight Alpine Ski Socks

    Alpine Performance Midweight+ is a Merino Endurance sock that has full top to bottom cushioning for maximum warmth and pressure distribution. Over the calf sock. Fiber content: 34% Merino Wool, 33% Endurofil™/Polypropylene, 32% Nylon/Polyamide, 1% Lycra®/Elastane. 

    Item Number: 175-6186

    Item ID: 163944

    Category: Ski Socks

  • Euro Sock Sweet Silver Ski ~NEW~

    • 100% Other Fibers
    • Machine Wash
    • ELIMINATES ABRASIONS - Dynamic cushioning provides comfort and eliminates abrasion offering snow skiers high performance protection, less foot stress and a faster recovery time
    • DYNAMIC CUSHIONING - Provides high performance protection to the foot and shin against the rigidity of ski boots assisting better circulation and comfort
    • PROVIDES SUPPORT - Elastic arch band & ankle brace, smooth toe, flat knit construction insure both a wrinkle-free fit and feel, maximum support without bulk
    • MICRO – SUPREME TECHNOLOGY - Creates moisture management, superior wicking and self-drying capabilities that keep feet warm and Dry, Dry feet = less blisters
    • 100% Made in Italy - Euro socks, advanced technology, exclusive materials, superior craftsmanship, creates the highest quality of socks you will ever wear


    Item Number: 2837-29

    Item ID: 79722

    Category: Ski Socks

    $25.00 save 40%

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