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Self-Inflating Pad


  • Alps Apex Air Pad

    The ALPS Mountaineering Apex Series of self-inflating air pads are the perfect solution for added comfort on a cot or with your sleeping bag. The brushed suede-like top fabric provides soft, durable sleeping surface. The Apex features Jet Stream wave foam and a non-corrosive brass valve(s) for quick and easy inflation/deflation. A convenient stuff sack with compression straps are included for easy transport and storage, and in case of an unforeseen emergency repair, a repair kit is included with each Apex. Offered in multiple sizes: Regular, Long, & XL.

    • rushed suede-like top fabric
    • Polyester bottom fabric
    • Jet Stream wave foam
    • Double brass valves on Long and XL
    • Compression straps included
    • Stuff sack and repair kit included

    • Dimensions: 20" x 72" x 3"
    • Packed size: 9" x 22.5"
    • Weight: 4 lbs. 14 oz.
    • Dimensions: 25" x 77" x 3"
    • Packed size: 10" x 27"
    • Weight: 6 lbs. 13 oz.
    • Dimensions: 30" x 77" x 3"
    • Packed size: 10" x 34"
    • Weight: 7 lbs. 11 oz.

    Item Number: 568-389

    Item ID: 139963

    Category: Self-Inflating Pad

  • Alps Mountaineering Outback Mat

    No matter where you are, the Outback Mat from ALPS Mountaineering will make you think that you are at home in your own bed. This 4" thick, luxury air mat is sure to give you the best night sleep possible. If you're looking for the benefits of an air mattress without the hassle of air pumps and cords, the Outback Mat has you covered! No need to worry about hand pumping or noisy electric pumps—the Outback Mat inflates itself. The innovative Qwikflate valve makes inflation quick and easy. When you're finished with the pad, the same Qwikflate valve provides rapid two-way deflation. Its vertically-cored foam design makes rolling and storing the mat easy all the while helping to minimize weight. The use of 30D elastic fabric on the top creates a super-soft feel, while a 150D fabric bottom makes the mat easy to clean and extremely durable. A stuff sack and repair kit are both included, making the Outback Mat all the more convenient and ready for wherever your plans may take you!

    30D elastic top fabric
    150D black bottom fabric
    Qwickflate flat valve provides rapid one-way inflation and easy two-way deflation
    R-Value: 8.5
    Vertically-cored foam for a lighter weight and easier to roll up
    Stuff sack and repair kit included

    Dimensions: 27" x 78" x 4"
    Weight: 6 lbs. 9 oz.
    Packed size: 10" x 30"
    Dimensions: 32" x 80" x 4"
    Weight: 7 lbs. 7 oz.
    Packed size: 12" x 32" 

    Item Number: 568-411

    Item ID: 145591

    Category: Self-Inflating Pad

  • Cedar Ridge Venture - Long

    Cedar Ridge Venture Air Pads are perfect for use with a sleeping bag or cot. Available in two sizes, up to 3" thick, these air pads will add warmth and comfort to any camp. The self-inflating open-cell foam make the Venture quick to inflate and deflate while the 75D polyester fabric provides durability. In addition each pad comes with a free stuff sack, elastic bands and repair kit.
    • Lightweight 75D polyester fabric on top and bottom
    • Self-inflating open-cell foam
    • Elastic bands, stuff sack and repair kit included
    • Long
    • Dimensions: 25" x 77" x 1.5"
    • Total weight: 3 lbs. 9 oz.
    • Stuff sack: 6" x 26"
    • XL
    • Dimensions: 25" x 77" x 3"
    • Total weight: 5 lbs. 12 oz.
    • Stuff sack: 7" x 26"

    Item Number: 568-313

    Item ID: 124608

    Category: Self-Inflating Pad

  • Exped Megamat 10 MW Green

    Mega in size, comfort, and warmth: this is as comfortable as it can get at basecamp, in a camper van or where light weight is not the main priority. MegaMat pioneers a new generation of self inflating 3D mats with a level sleeping surface from edge to edge. This feature combined with the luxurious thickness and simple inflation make it a synonym for comfort.

    R-Value: 8.1
    Weight: 91.7 oz (LXW), 73 oz (MW)
    Length: 77.6 in (LXW), 72 in (MW)
    Thickness: 3.9 in 

    Item Number: 175-5409

    Item ID: 143550

    Category: Self-Inflating Pad

  • Lyman Lightweight Luxury Camping Mat

    When our team isn’t working hard in the ballistics lab, we are enjoying all the hiking, fishing, and camping that the Northeast has to offer. Nothing beats the fresh air, crackling fire and beautiful scenery of the great outdoors. We also like to bring the comforts of home with us when sleeping out under the stars. Lyman’s High-End Outdoor camping mat provides the perfect comfort and support, allowing you to avoid the discomfort of sleeping on the ground. Our ultralight weight camping mat is perfect for camping, backpacking or traveling. Trust us, you’ll rest comfortably on your next adventure.

    Compact stuff sack packs down to 8”x 3”x 3”
    Ultra-light and super durable....weighs only 16oz
    Inflates and deflates in seconds
    Made from ultralight and weatherproof durable fabric
    2” thick padding
    Can be used inside or outside sleeping bag
    75” long by 24” wide at the top, tapered down to 14" at the bottom. 

    Item Number: 3997-34

    Item ID: 147537

    Category: Self-Inflating Pad

  • Snugpak Elite XL Self Inflating Mat W Built In Pillow

    The Snugpak Elite XL Mat is for those that want more space and extra cushion; the mat’s dimensions are 77 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 2 inches thick for maximum comfort. This mat features a non-slip bottom made with peach brushed polyester that prevents sliding while you sleep. The Elite XL Mat is designed to be travel-friendly and can be packed into a 25 inch by 10 inch bundle with the included stuff sack; weighs 3.75 pounds. This mat also features a built-in pillow that supports your head and neck to provide a superior sleep experience. The Elite XL Mat is self-inflating; use this feature by opening the valve and allowing air to enter the mat and expand the foam. You can add more air by blowing into the valve to create a firmer feel for the mat. The more the air mat is used, the quicker the self-inflating feature will work. To deflate, open the valve and roll the mat towards the valve to push out air and compress the mat’s foam. Store the air mat only after it has been cleaned and dried to ensure its longevity. The Elite XL Mat includes patches that can be used to repair the air mat; adhesive is not included in the repair kit. The Elite Xl Mat will add an extra plush layer of comfort between you and the ground so that you can sleep in comfort on your adventures.

    This mat’s dimensions are 77 inches long by 24 inches wide by 2 inches thick; double the thickness of regular mats for maximum comfort
    Open the valve to allow air to enter the mat and expand the internal foam; increase the mat’s firmness by blowing air into the valve
    Features a built-in pillow for head and neck support and a non-slip bottom that prevents the mat from sliding while you sleep
    Designed to be travel friendly, comes with a stuff sack and can be packed into an 25 inch by 10 inch bundle; weighs 3.75 pounds
    To deflate the air mat, open the valve and roll the mat towards the valve to expel the air and compress the mat’s foam
    Comes with stuff sack
    Includes a repair kit 

    • Brand = Snugpak
    • Size = XL
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Olive

    Item Number: 3997-74

    Item ID: 150750

    Category: Self-Inflating Pad


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