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  • Bass Men's Sandals

    • Brand = Bass
    • Gender = Men's
    • Condition = Pre-Owned

    Item Number: 2745-2942

    Item ID: 127915

    Category: Sandals

  • Bedrock Cairn 3D PRO ~NEW~

    Sometimes you want a sticky situation. For wet and slippery missions, there’s Cairn 3D Pro, our ultimate adventure sandal outfitted with an extra-sticky Vibram® Megagrip outsole and our new molded footbed.  

    The Cairn 3D PRO Custom Sole: Ultra Grippy and Adventure Capable

    • All Cairn 3D Pro Sandals are made with 100% vegan materials and construction.
    • Ultra-grippy, exclusive REGOLITH Bedrock x Vibram® sole made with Megagrip. 
    • Our new Geo-patterned footbed features macro pentagonal-grooves on the sole, providing excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions, and more aeration power to keep your feet less sweaty.
    • At 16 mm base stack height under the forefoot, the new molded Cairn 3D Vibram® sole is a union of freedom and support. 
    • Zero Drop from toe to heel.

    Strap System: No-Slip Secure Fit.

    • Bedrock Sole Hugger design cradles feet with side-to-side support, keeping you stable in challenging conditions. Patent Pending.
    • Intelligent 3/4inch wide strap system with three independent adjustment zones for quick, secure fitting. Patent Pending.

    Premium Quality 

    • We spent years sourcing the best materials, so you can spend maximum time enjoying the outdoors. With exclusive Vibram® rubber soling, polyester and nylon webbing upper, metal and acetal plastic hardware, and US military-grade Velcro®, you’ll do just that.
    • Average weight 10.5 Oz per size 9 sandal


    Item Number: 2715-50

    Item ID: 89708

    Category: Sandals

  • Bedrock Cairn Pro II - Black 7/8

    Pro II - Black 7/8

    Item Number: 2715-117

    Item ID: 118888

    Category: Sandals

  • Kino Men's Size 11 Leather Sandals


    • Brand = Kino
    • Gender = Men's
    • Size = 11
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Tech = Leather
    • Color = Brown

    Item Number: 2745-2736

    Item ID: 126749

    Category: Sandals

    Original Price: $35.00
  • Quechua Men's Size 11.5 Sandals

    • Brand = Quechua
    • Gender = Men's
    • Size = 11.5

    Item Number: 984-519

    Item ID: 128895

    Category: Sandals

  • Rafters Kuai Horizon - Brown Multi *

    Soft webbing toe post
    Contoured dual density EVA footbed for all day comfort

    Item Number: 2203-57

    Item ID: 67170

    Category: Sandals

  • Rafters Men's Ombre Flips - Indigo

    Tsunami Ombre Mens


    Soft contoured footbed for added comfort Colorful webbing straps and soft webbing toe post 

    Item Number: 2203-127

    Item ID: 118489

    Category: Sandals

  • Rafters Men's Tsunami Retro Mens ~NEW~

    Tsunami Retro Mens


    Soft contoured footbed for added comfort Colorful webbing straps and soft webbing toe post  

    Item Number: 2203-129

    Item ID: 118491

    Category: Sandals

  • Rafters Sport Sandal Horizon - Black Multi *

    Dual density footbed delivers balance of support and
    Hook & loop closure for secure fit

    Item Number: 2203-60

    Item ID: 67173

    Category: Sandals

  • Wilcor Men's Sandal Texture Assorted ~NEW!~

     Soft, comfortable, wear all day sandals. Asst. sizes.

    • Brand = Wilcor
    • Gender = Men's
    • Size = Assorted
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 343-685

    Item ID: 127305

    Category: Sandals

  • Wilcor Men's Size M8 Sandals


    Item Number: 343-28

    Item ID: 6673

    Category: Sandals


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