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Paddling Gloves


  • Level 6 Fingerless Padded Paddling Gloves

    The Cascade fingerless gloves are a lightweight option designed to protect your hands from blisters while paddling. These quick-drying gloves feature gel printed 2mm thermo-stretch neoprene panels to cushion your hands and a nose wipe panel. The Cascade gloves are a great way to improve your paddling experience. 

    Item Number: 175-5856

    Item ID: 155742

    Category: Paddling Gloves

  • NRS HydroSkin Forecast Gloves - L

    HydroSkin Forecast 2.0 Gloves - L

    • Brand = NRS
    • Size = L
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 4160-178

    Item ID: 170797

    Category: Paddling Gloves

  • NRS HydroSkin Forecast Gloves - S *

    The NRS HydroSkin® 2.0 Forecast Gloves combine warmth and versatility with 2 mm neoprene insulation and convertible fingertips for maximum dexterity.
    2 mm neoprene with four-way-stretch PowerSpan outer layer provides warmth on cooler boating days.
       - Titanium-laminate adhesive layer aids in body-heat retention without adding bulk.
       - Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating prevents evaporative cooling.
       - Silicone-dot palm pattern ensures a non-slip grip on rods, paddles and oars.
       - The thumb and first two fingers can be converted to an open-finger design for tying knots, taking photos or to use a touch screen.
       - Hook and loop patches hold the glove tips out of the way.
       - A fitted, stretchy slip-on wrist cuff makes the glove easy to put on and take off.
       - Pairing snaps on the wrists help keep the gloves together. 

    Item Number: 4160-176

    Item ID: 170795

    Category: Paddling Gloves

  • NRS HydroSkin Forecast Gloves - XL

    HydroSkin Forecast 2.0 Gloves - XL

    • Brand = NRS
    • Size = XL
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 4160-179

    Item ID: 170798

    Category: Paddling Gloves


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