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Neck Gaiter


  • Blackstrap Daily Tube Rustic ~NEW!~

     The Black Strap Daily Tube is your multifunctional tool against the elements. Designed for the outdoors, this lightweight, highly breathable, UV sun mask keeps you fool in the blistering sun, dries quickly when damp and adds thermal warmth for cutting colds winds. Did we mention UV protection? Sunburns are now a thing of the past.

    Item Number: 175-4730

    Item ID: 132007

    Category: Neck Gaiter

  • Buff Neck Gaiter

    • Brand = Buff
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Maroon

    Item Number: 3705-23

    Item ID: 132012

    Category: Neck Gaiter

  • Headsweats Neck Gaiter

    • Brand = Headsweats
    • Condition = Like New
    • Color = Green

    Item Number: 1384-235

    Item ID: 114275

    Category: Neck Gaiter

    Original Price: $11.00
  • Mossy Oak Break Up Country Neck Gaiter ~NEW!~

     Neck Gaiter, Moisture Wicking, Mossy Oak

    Item Number: 996-1058

    Item ID: 129742

    Category: Neck Gaiter

  • Outdoor Research Echo Ubertube

    Wicking, breathable, and UPF15 rated. The multi-functional Echo Ubertube wicks away perspiration in summer heat and provides just enough warmth during cold-weather, high-exertion activity. It can be used for so many things, it'll soon become a staple piece of gear on every one of your adventures. 

    Item Number: 175-4161

    Item ID: 127452

    Category: Neck Gaiter

  • Rothco Muliti Use Tactical Wrap ~NEW~

    Rothco’s Multi-Use Tactical Wrap is an incredibly versatile piece of headwear that has the ability to be worn as a bandana, neck gaiter, dust screen, balaclava, scarf, and/or hat.

    Multi-Use Wrap Can Be Used As A Bandana, Neck Gaiter, Dust Screen, Balaclava, Scarf, And Hat
    Soft, Breathable, Moisture Wicking, And Wind Resistant
    Durable 100% Polyester Material
    Tactical Wrap Measures: 19 ½” X 10”

    Item Number: 133-105

    Item ID: 8457

    Category: Neck Gaiter

  • Skida Neck Gaiter

    • Brand = Skida
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Blue

    Item Number: 1334-269

    Item ID: 116666

    Category: Neck Gaiter

    Original Price: $12.00
  • Turtle Fur Size Youth Neck Gaiter

    • Brand = Turtle Fur
    • Size = Youth
    • Condition = Like New
    • Color = Black

    Item Number: 2745-3523

    Item ID: 132458

    Category: Neck Gaiter

  • Wilcor Neck/Scarf Camo Assorted

     3 asst. camo designs. 100% polyester. Each will come in a pegable poly bag with a Wilcor UPC.

    Item Number: 343-659

    Item ID: 123934

    Category: Neck Gaiter

  • Wilcor Skull Neck Scarf Assorted ~NEW!~

     95% polyester, 5% spandex. Scarf has a pocket to insert a filter (not included). Can be used with or without a filter. 3 asst designs.

    Item Number: 343-682

    Item ID: 127302

    Category: Neck Gaiter

  • Zan Headgear Balaclava - Black

    The luxuriously soft and stretchy MicroLUX fabric offers lightweight and breathable year-round sun and wind protection. Designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, the low profile material and flat seams fit comfortably under all types of helmets or alone. Additionally, this moisture wicking balaclava boasts 50+ UPF protection and antibacterial properties to keep you comfortable all day long! Solid Black. 88% Micropoly 12% Spandex knit 

    • Brand = Zan Headgear
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Black

    Item Number: 3073-300

    Item ID: 117622

    Category: Neck Gaiter

    $27.99 save 43%
  • Zan Headgear Motley Tube 3 Pack ~NEW~

    Made from breathable, moisture wicking polyester, the ZANheadgear® Motley Tube™ is comfortable to wear in both warm and cold climates. The versatility of the Motley Tube allows it to be worn 6 different ways; a beanie, ear warmer, desert scarf, face mask, neck warmer, or balaclava. Material: 100% Polyester 

    Item Number: 3073-211

    Item ID: 102353

    Category: Neck Gaiter


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