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Misc. Climbing Gear


  • Beal Escaper ~NEW~

    The Beal ESCAPER is a detachable anchor system. It allows you to rappel a full rope length and still release the rope from the anchor.

    Weight: 90 g
    Strength: 18 kN

    • Brand = Beal
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 67069

    Category: Misc. Climbing Gear

  • Black Diamond Misc. Climbing Gear

    Bosun's Chair

    • Brand = Black Diamond
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Grey

    Item ID: 99533

    Category: Misc. Climbing Gear

    Original Price: $45.00 save 20%
    $70.00 save 49%
  • Cypher Aluminum Rap Ring ~NEW~

    Aluminum Rap Ring
    A light weight, seamless, aluminum rappel anchor useful for first assents and using natural anchors. Rope surface diameter of 11mm. Never thread your rope directly onto nylon slings. Use a rappel ring to avoid damaging your ropes and anchor slings.
    Weight: 34 grams
    Strength: 20kN
    Diameter: 11mm

    • Brand = Cypher
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 48473

    Category: Misc. Climbing Gear

  • Cypher Climber's Tape

    Extra protection for your hands! This climber's tape protects against abrasion and injury while climbing. Use it to protect your tendons and pulleys from stress injuries when you are pulling hard on crimpy holds and pockets. Available in various widths to better fit different sized hands. All climber’s tape is easy to hand tear both width and length.

    Item ID: 26846

    Category: Misc. Climbing Gear

  • Dynaflex Sports Pro ~NEW~

    The Powerball Sports Pro is an entry level model, ideal for anyone looking to obtain a great arm workout! It’s perfect for rehab, strengthening, toning, and exercise. The Powerball Sports Pro gyro uses resistance force to generate up to 35 pounds of torque and 13,500 RPM and is the ideal product for anyone looking to improve dexterity, strength, coordination and accelerate healing time. The Powerball Sports Pro Gyro is packaged with the gyro training CD and starter cord.

    • Brand = Dynaflex
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 89643

    Category: Misc. Climbing Gear

  • Dynaflex Varigrip Hand Exerciser ~NEW~

    Build strength, dexterity and calluses.  VariGrip Sport is the only hand exerciser with patented ability to adjust tension for each individual finger, providing customized conditioning for each finger, the entire hand, wrist, and forearm.  A simple, pre-workout or pre-game warmup increases circulation, resulting in better control and command, giving you a competitive advantage.

    • Brand = Dynaflex
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 89642

    Category: Misc. Climbing Gear

  • Ed Webster Autographed Poster - First Ascent of Super Crack

    Ed Webster Autographed Poster - First Ascent of Super Crack

    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 32407

    Category: Misc. Climbing Gear

  • Edelweiss Perfect Leather Gloves ~NEW~

    Double palm leather glove for all types of vertical endeavors. Cowhide leather.

    Item ID: 55640

    Category: Misc. Climbing Gear


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