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  • MTI Adventurewear Fluid Inflatable Belt Pack PFD Life Jacket

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    Original Price: $35.00
  • MTI Child Livery w/ Collar ~NEW~

    MTI Child Livery Mango/Org 30-50lbs

    Item Number: 175-2989

    Item ID: 103123

    Category: PFD

  • MTI Infant PFD ~NEW~

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  • MTI PFD Journey W/Pocket XS/SM Mango ~NEW!~

     MTI's lightest weight PFD tips the scales at 1lb! Now featuring a pocket and whistle. Daisy chain attachment on the back. Slim fit with comfortable 3D contoured front panels. Open sides for total freedom of movement. 4 points of adjustment with waist clip closure. Soft shoulders dob't rub or chafe,

    Item Number: 175-3702

    Item ID: 119965

    Category: PFD

  • MTI PFD Livery Yellow/Mango XS/S ~NEW!~

     MTI's most affordable paddlesports jacket perfect for casual weekends and the summer cottage, either as a primary vest or as a spare. Schools, camps, and professional outfitters love to buy them in bulk, color coding by size. Rugged 300D polyester is soft and mildew resistant. PVC-free foam is eco-friendly. Front entry. Also approved for water skiing, wake boarding, and jet skiing. Great value for everyday use. USCG type: III. Min buoyancy: 15 lbs. 8 oz.

    M/L 36"-44" (chest)
    XL/XXL 44"-56" (chest)
    XS/S 30"-36" (chest)

    Item Number: 175-3710

    Item ID: 119973

    Category: PFD

  • MTI PFD Trident Bright Green SM/MD ~NEW!~

     Trident is a touring PFD, stripped down to the essentials for lightweight day-tripping. Bright colors are easy to spot on the water. The Trident is the Tsunami 140 of PFDs; durable, well-equipped, comfortable all day on the water.

    Size: 30-40” S/M, 40-50” L/XL (chest)

    Item Number: 175-3717

    Item ID: 119980

    Category: PFD

  • MTI Reflex PFD - XS/S - Blue

    Wear it for all forms of paddling, even class 3 whitewater and multi-day kayak touring. Deep V-neck won't get in your face and large armholes don't restrict movement. Soft foam panels with wrap-around foam distribution fit a wide range of body shapes. Featuring a large variety of pockets. Type: III. Entry style: front zipper. Weight: 1.3 lbs.

    Item Number: 175-1556

    Item ID: 70548

    Category: PFD

  • MTI Underdog PFD S *

    The life jacket for dogs that is ergonomically designed for the buoyancy aid of your swimming canine. With 90% of the flotation in the water under the chest and neck, the underDOG supports the natural swim angle of the dog. Traditional dog vests pull the body into a horizontal position. With the underDOG the rear is allowed to sink lower than the forelegs, freeing the hind legs to swim more efficiently, while the neck is supported so that the head rides higher above the water line. 2 body straps, a neck strap, and a chest strap can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of dogs. 2 grab handles provide even lift distribution, and are designed to support the full weight of a wet dog. The neck handle doubles as a handy leash attachment point.

    l XS (2-12 lbs), S (12-24 lbs)
    l M (24-60 lbs), L (60-90 lbs), XL (90-120 lbs)

    Item Number: 175-717

    Item ID: 44684

    Category: PFD

  • MTI Youth Reflex PFD - Mango/Red

    The classic Youth Reflex now comes with front pockets! Based off the adult Reflex PFD, the Youth Reflex is an ideal paddling vest for the active young boater. High visibility colors are easy for parents to spot on the water. Lots of adjustment points help keep the jacket held down, even on skinny kids. The smart choice for parents and kids alike. They will outgrow it, but they won't outlast it! Type: III. Entry style: front zipper. Weight: 0.8 lbs.

    Item Number: 175-1562

    Item ID: 70554

    Category: PFD


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