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  • Micro Butterfly Kites ~NEW~

     MicroKite Mini Butterflies. Made of Mylar Fabric with a PVCairframe. Ages 5 to Adult. Wind Range: 4-10 MPH. Handle,Skytails, and line included. 4.3' H x 4.7' W.

    Item Number: 175-3527

    Item ID: 119640

    Category: Kites

  • Prism Stowaway Delta ~NEW~

    Enjoy the high-tech look of a sport kite without the complication and learning curve. The new Stowaway Delta puts a classic, high flying single-liner in a package that'll fit in a briefcase to take anywhere. The tough fiberglass frame makes flying a breeze in a wide wind range, and the high flying angle allows maximum altitude. Level: Novice - Intermediate. 

    Item Number: 175-3524

    Item ID: 119637

    Category: Kites

  • Prism Synapse 2 Line Kite ~NEW~

    The Synapse two line parafoils are all about speed and agility.  Plus, no parts to break and no assembly required, they're perfect for just about any pilot. 

    Item Number: 175-3520

    Item ID: 119633

    Category: Kites

  • Prism Zentih 5 ~NEW~

    High-flying performance with a fresh new look. 

    Item Number: 175-3519

    Item ID: 119632

    Category: Kites

  • Wind N Sun Hexagon Kite ~NEW~

     EZ Sport 70 Dual Control Nylon Sport Kite. Assembles in seconds. Lightweight ripstop sail. Durable fiberglass airframe. Stunts, loops, and dives. Handles and line included

    Item Number: 175-3544

    Item ID: 119668

    Category: Kites

  • XK Microkites Assorted ~NEW~

    MicroKite Mini Mylar Jets. Made of Mylar Fabric with a PVC airframe. Ages 5 to Adult. Wind Range: 4-10 MPH. Handle, Skytails, and line included. 

    Item Number: 175-3525

    Item ID: 119638

    Category: Kites


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