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  • In The Breeze Sport Air Kite ~NEW~

    One of In The Breeze's top selling kites! The 62" Sport 2 Line Air Foil Kite has an aerodynamic cell structure inflated by wind. Air pressure keeps the sail open and holds the kite’s shape while it flies. These are double line kites, great for the novice to intermediate kite enthusiast. 

    • Condition = New
    • Color = Rainbow

    Item Number: 175-3539

    Item ID: 119663

    Category: Kite

  • Pocket Flyer Kite Inferno

    A great starter kite doesn’t get easier or simpler than this- just pop it out of the pouch, clip on the line and fly! The Pocket Flyer fits in a pocket or glove box so you’re ready for flight wherever adventure takes you. The all-fabric design makes it super durable so you can hand it to anyone to try, and single line control keeps things easy without the learning curve of a dual-line kite. 

    Item Number: 175-3522

    Item ID: 119635

    Category: Kite

  • Prism EO Atom Kite ~NEW~

     The newest and smallest member of the EO series. Like the others, it folds flat and pops open ready to fly, no assembly required. The three intersecting planes give it great stability but let you experiment with a wide range of tumbling tricks by tugging and slacking the line. Level: Novice - Intermediate.

    • Brand = Prism
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Ice

    Item Number: 175-3540

    Item ID: 119664

    Category: Kite

  • Prism Flip Single Line Kite ~NEW~

     A truly unique kiting experience awaits with this eye-catching Flip Kite. The Flip's patented rotor design spins its way into the sky, achieving lift by the Magnus Effect. Like a kaleidoscope in motion, the vivid graphics blend and blur, creating colors and patterns that can only be seen while it spins. Level: Novice - Intermediate

    • Brand = Prism
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Spectrum

    Item Number: 175-3543

    Item ID: 119667

    Category: Kite

  • Prism Triad Single Line Kite ~NEW~

     This magical little single-line box kite flies stable like a traditional kite, or tug on the string and watch it tumble and dance like an easy-to-fly fighter. Fly it till you decide not to and then watch it tumble down magically, end over end, swooping and diving till you straight-line it back into the wild blue with a tug. Level: Novice - Intermediate.

    • Brand = Prism
    • Condition = New
    • Pattern = Spectrum

    Item Number: 175-3538

    Item ID: 119662

    Category: Kite


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