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Kayak Paddle

Kayak Paddle Kayak Paddles for all styles of kayaking.


  • Advanced Elements Atomic Sup Paddle ~NEW!~

    Durable and portable heavy-duty 2-part SUP paddle perfect for travel anywhere. The Atomic™ SUP Paddle easily adjusts via a simple pin-lock adjustment, features a curved tear-drop blade for great paddling performance and breaks down for easy portability.

    Heavy-duty paddle grip.
    Easy pin-lock adjustable length from 178-216cm.
    Handy paddler height guide for proper paddle adjustment.
    Two part aluminum shaft breaks down to 96cm for maximum portability.
    Curved tear-drop blade for great paddling performance.
    Weight 2 lbs., 4 oz.
    Blade Size: 16″L x 7.5″W 

    • Brand = Advanced Elements
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Black

    Item Number: 3911-6

    Item ID: 142812

    Category: Kayak Paddle

  • Advanced Elements Orbit 4-Part Paddle

     A durable, light-weight, adjustable length 4-part touring paddle with rigid fiberglass shafts and glass-filled nylon blades. This paddle is fully featherable, adjusts in length from 225-235 cm, and packs down to just 25.5 inches long making it compact enough to take anywhere.

    Blade angle: Fully featherable. Wt: 2.4 lbs.

    • Brand = Advanced Elements
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-3684

    Item ID: 119947

    Category: Kayak Paddle

  • Advanced Elements Packlite Paddle Black ~NEW!~

    Durable, portable, and very lightweight 4-part kayak paddle.

    Blade Material: Glass filled Nylon/asymmetrical-dihedral.
    Shaft Material: Aluminum alloy.
    Weight: 40 oz / 2.5 lbs.
    Length: 230 cm.
    Packable Length: 25″ / 63.5cm.
    Blade angle: 60 deg. RHC, LHC, and Unfeathered.
    Blade Measurements: 15.75″x6.75″ / 40×17.1cm. 

    • Brand = Advanced Elements
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 3911-8

    Item ID: 142814

    Category: Kayak Paddle

  • Advanced Elements Ultralite Pack Paddle

     Compact, light-weight, and ultra portable 4-part kayak paddle designed for maximum portability. Go one step further and use only one shaft section with paddle blades for the ultra minimalist option.

    Blade: Polypropylene. Shaft: Aluminum alloy
    Wt: 23.6 oz. Length: 224 cm. Minimalist Wt: 20 oz. Minimalist length: 169 cm

    • Brand = Advanced Elements
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-892

    Item ID: 47321

    Category: Kayak Paddle


    AIRHEAD 86 inch kayak paddle breaks down into 4 sections for compact storage. The blades are asymmetrical to equalize the force on both sides of the blade when paddling, which in turn results in less twisting of the paddle. The high impact plastic blades are lightweight and reinforced with fiberglass for added durability. Blade angles are adjustable with a simple release of the spring loaded pin and a twist of the lightweight anodized aluminum shaft. 

    • Brand = Airhead
    • Size = 220CM
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Black

    Item Number: 175-5589

    Item ID: 146364

    Category: Kayak Paddle

  • Aqua Bound Shred Fiberglass Kayak Paddle ~NEW~

    The Shred Fiberglass Whitewater paddle provides durability and responsiveness anywhere you go. This paddle features Aqua-Bound’s durable abXII blades reinforced with fiberglass and an ovalized fiberglass shaft. Single Piece.

    • Blade surface area: 117 sq. in.


    Item Number: 175-887

    Item ID: 47316

    Category: Kayak Paddle

  • Carlisle Day Tripper Kayak Paddles - Assorted

    Asymmetric blades of polypropylene shaped for smooth, efficient strokes. A lightweight anodized aluminum shaft is ovalized for easy gripping. This is the paddle of choice for beginners - or for use as a backup. A push-button takedown allows blades to be feathered at 60-degrees or inline, for right- and left-hand control. 

    Item Number: 175-578

    Item ID: 33967

    Category: Kayak Paddle

  • Carlisle Magic Kayak Paddles: 220cm, 230 cm, or 240cm

    Fiberglass reinforced nylon blades provide a slightly stiffer, yet efficient stroke that is further supported by an aluminum shaft. For paddlers that need a bit more strength and durability from their paddle, the Magic Nylon is a paddle of choice.

    Item Number: 175-889

    Item ID: 47318

    Category: Kayak Paddle

  • Carlisle Saber Kids Paddle 190CM Sunrise

    A great kayak paddle for kids! Short and sweet, this paddle is lightweight and kid proof. This durable paddle is sized down making it a great option for small hands to grip and maneuver. 

    • Brand = Carlisle
    • Gender = Youth
    • Size = 190
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Sunrise

    Item Number: 175-6501

    Item ID: 173809

    Category: Kayak Paddle

  • Jobe Fiberglass Paddle 3Pc

    The Jobe Fiberglass Paddle 3pcs is a perfect example of form meeting function. Featuring an extremely light fiberglass shaft for an excellent flex to weight ratio the Jobe Fiberglass Paddle is a joy to hold. And with a comfortable fiberglass T-Grip built in you'll never want to put it down. 

    Item Number: 175-5475

    Item ID: 143684

    Category: Kayak Paddle

  • Jobe Fusion Stick Paddle 3Pc

    The Jobe Fusion Stick SUP Paddle 3-piece combines two great ingredients to create one great paddle. The shaft of the Fusion features 10% carbon and 90% fiberglass for an excellent flex to weight ratio! Need to adjust the size? The Fusion includes an easy to use clip to adjust the length to each riders personal preference! 

    Item Number: 175-5473

    Item ID: 143682

    Category: Kayak Paddle

  • Kayak Paddle

    Nimbus Capilano

    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Wood

    Item Number: 3231-30

    Item ID: 161385

    Category: Kayak Paddle

    Original Price: $159.00

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