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Kayak Accessories


  • Beckson Thirsty-Mate Kayak Bilge Pump

    Highly effective Beckson Thirsty-Mate Bilge Pump will quickly drain your kayak. 18" long and has no hose. Push-pull action is smooth and efficient.
    Water always finds a way into a boat and this pump makes it easy to remove.
    The pump is a compact 18" long and will drain up to 8 gallons of water per minute.
    Beckson Bilge Pump Float (Item # 50029.01), sold separately, slides onto the Thirsty-Mate and keeps it afloat if you lose it overboard.
    Pump does not come with an outlet hose, but if needed you can screw on the accessory 24" Beckson Bilge Pump Hose (Item # 50031.01), sold separately. 

    • Brand = Beckson
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 4160-15

    Item ID: 155834

    Category: Kayak Accessories

  • Snap Dragon Size 3XL Kayak Accessories

    • Brand = Snap Dragon
    • Size = 3XL
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Black

    Item Number: 2970-38

    Item ID: 143434

    Category: Kayak Accessories

    Original Price: $45.00

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