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Insect Repellent


  • Badger Anti-Bug Balm

    Good for the Skin. Bad for the Bug. Certified organic and all natural DEET-free bug and mosquito repellent in an easy-to-apply stick and spray. Organic and all-natural citronella, cedar, and lemongrass, essential oils naturally repel biting insects. A base of organic extra virgin olive and castor oil soothes and softens skin. Smells great and works great; you won't find deet, petrolatum, or any other chemicals. Perfect for use on your wrists, ankles, and behind the ears—places mosquitoes love to bite. Great for use by the whole family! 

    Item Number: 175-5729

    Item ID: 149849

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Badger Anti-Bug Itch Relief

    Put an end to the itch-scratch cycle with Badger's certified organic and all natural After-Bug Balm. This gentle balm with soothing Colloidal Oatmeal and cooling Menthol relieves itchy bug bites and minor skin irritations. USDA certified organic and 100% natural bug bite itch relief balm. 10% organic Colloidal Oatmeal soothes and relieves itchy or irritated skin. Organic Beeswax, vitamin E-rich Sunflower oil and essential oils of Seabuckthorn, Tamanu and Lavender to nourish and soften the skin. Great for the entire family. 

    • Brand = Badger
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-5728

    Item ID: 149848

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Ben's 30% DEET Pump Spray - 2 Sizes

    Protection from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, chiggers and midges. Wilderness water-based formula contains 30% DEET and comes as a spray or in a pump.


    1.2 or 3.4 ounce containers.

    Item Number: 175-896

    Item ID: 47527

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Ben's Invisinet Bug Jacket L/XL ~NEW!~

     Protect your arms, hands, head, and torso from swarms of insects with Ben’s® InvisiNet Bug Jacket & Mittens. Made with the highest visibility mosquito netting on the market, this mesh jacket seals bugs out without impeding your vision, so you can keep hiking, gardening, fishing, or hunting in peace. The fully enclosed hood, elasticized cuffs and hem, and included bug mittens create a secure, bug-free area around your body, protecting you in even the buggiest conditions. You can easily access small items while wearing the bug netting thanks to the front pocket, which doubles as a stuff sack for the jacket and mittens. Lightweight and compact, this insect protection clothing weighs a mere 4 oz., an easy addition to your hiking pack, hunting gear, or fishing gear.

    Item Number: 175-3807

    Item ID: 121253

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Ben's Max 100% Deet

    Fragrance free tick & insect repellent. Maximum DEET formula for areas with high bug density and intense biting activity. Repels ticks and insects that may carry West Nile, Lyme disease, Malaria and other infectious diseases. Delivers up to 10 hours of effective protection. Water-based formula stays on skin's surface rather than being absorbed - evaporates slowly. 

    Item Number: 175-5725

    Item ID: 149845

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Ben's Max Insect Repellent - 100% DEET - 1.25oz

    Ben's Max 100% DEET 1.25 Pump

    • Brand = Ben's
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-2939

    Item ID: 100317

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Coleman Citronella Lantern

    The Coleman Citronella Lantern provides ambiance and keeps nights peaceful. Unique Coleman design, excellent for backyards, campsites, picnic areas and patios. Repels and burns for up to 40 hrs. 

    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-2909

    Item ID: 99605

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Coleman Deet Free Insect Repellent 6oz

    SkinSmart™ is a patented DEET Free insect repellent formula proven to be as or more effective than DEET, Picaridin and other common repellents. Proven effective against mosquitoes and ticks for up to eight hours. Odorless, fast drying formula. Can be safely used on children over the age of 2. 

    • Brand = Coleman
    • Size = 6oz
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-5726

    Item ID: 149846

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Coleman DEET Ultra Dry

    Coleman DEET Ultra Dry

    • Brand = Coleman
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-2937

    Item ID: 100315

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Cutter Backwoods 25% DEET


    Provides long lasting protection, up to 8 Hours. Proven effective under the most severe conditions. Protects against mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, gnats, no-see-ums, chiggers, and fleas. Perfect for hikers, hunters and fisherman in the deep backwoods. 23% Deet.


    • Brand = Cutter
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-2885

    Item ID: 96294

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Cutter Sport Insect Repellent

    {\rtf1\ansi\deff0\uc1\ansicpg1252\deftab720{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset1 Arial;}{\f1\fnil\fcharset2 Wingdings;}{\f2\fnil\fcharset2 Symbol;}}{\colortbl\red0\green0\blue0;\red255\green0\blue0;\red0\green128\blue0;\red0\green0\blue255;\red255\green255\blue0;\red255\green0\blue255;\red128\green0\blue128;\red128\green0\blue0;\red0\green255\blue0;\red0\green255\blue255;\red0\green128\blue128;\red0\green0\blue128;\red255\green255\blue255;\red192\green192\blue192;\red128\green128\blue128;\red0\green0\blue0;}\wpprheadfoot1\paperw12240\paperh15840\margl1880\margr1880\margt1440\margb1440\headery720\footery720\endnhere\sectdefaultcl{\*\generator WPTools_5.500;}{\wpparid0\plain\fs22 Enjoy active sports outside with Cutter Sport Sweat Resistant Repellent.\'A0 Repels mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, gnats, no-see-ums, chiggers and fleas.\'A0 Sweat resistant.\'A0 Refreshing, clean scent.\'A0 15% Deet. \par }}

    • Brand = Cutter
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-2936

    Item ID: 100314

    Category: Insect Repellent

  • Fly Shooter

    A great gift! Over 10 million sold. Faster then a flyswatter. It works, fast & fun, easy & safe, no ugly mess. Kills flies & other bugs accurately. 

    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 343-812

    Item ID: 161416

    Category: Insect Repellent


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