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Ice Screw


  • Black Diamond Ice Screw

    • Brand = Black Diamond
    • Condition = Pre-Owned

    Item Number: 3795-5

    Item ID: 133365

    Category: Ice Screw

    Original Price: $15.00
  • Grivel 360 Ice Screw Short 12cm ~NEW!~

     The fastest placing screw in the world with an Easy-Rack hanger which provides a big improvement when racking multiple screws on your harness. The new, sharper tooth cut is now even easier to place the screw. The 360 screw will benefit all ice climbers. In situations where safety depends on speedy screw placement (crevasse rescue or steep ice) the 360’s sharp bite and easy starting are quite reassuring. When obstructions of rock or ice prevent a normal fixed hanger’s rotation, the 360’s handle may be lifted away from the surface and turned freely. The 360’s super-slick finish makes it very difficult for ice to clog its core. The 360’s efficiency makes it possible to place an ice screw where and when you want to, not just where and when you are able to.

    CE Certified (16 and 20 cm)
    Video: www.libertymountain.com/grivel
    Weight: 12CM 155 grams / 5.7 oz
    Weight: 16CM 169 grams / 5.9 oz
    Weight: 20CM 189 grams / 6.7 oz

    Item Number: 175-4326

    Item ID: 128069

    Category: Ice Screw

  • Ice Screw


    • Condition = Pre-Owned

    Item Number: 3791-16

    Item ID: 133059

    Category: Ice Screw

    Original Price: $30.00
  • Ice Screw

    Steel - Vintage

    • Condition = Pre-Owned

    Item Number: 3791-17

    Item ID: 133060

    Category: Ice Screw

    Original Price: $5.00

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