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  • 2-in-1 Blacklight LED Headlamp ~NEW~

     Blacklight + White LED Hed Lamp
    • 1 Ultraviolet
    • 2 White LEDs
    • 4 Stage Switch
    - 100 % UV Brightness
    - 50% UV Brightness
    - White Lights
    - White Flashing
    • Wattage -1 Watt
    • 395NM Wavelength
    • Requires 3AAA Batteries (Batteries Not Included)
    • Purple Color with Black Head Band 

    • Brand = Sona
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 3010-74

    Item ID: 103475

    Category: Headlamp

  • Black Diamond Astro 175 Lumen Headlamp ~NEW~

    Strong enough for any mountain pursuit and compact enough for backup or emergency use, the new Astro175 boasts a powerful beam at 175 lumens, yet is simple, sleek and affordable.

    • Lumens: 175
    • Burn Time: 8 hours (high), 22 hours (medium), 200 hours (low)
    • Max Distance: 35 meters (high), 28 meters (medium), 3 meters (low)
    • Waterproof: IPX4
    • Power Source: 3AAA batteries (included)


    Item Number: 175-3014

    Item ID: 106386

    Category: Headlamp

  • Black Diamond Cosmo 225 ~NEW~

    With 225 lumens of power housed in a super compact, waterproof body, the Cosmo225 is perfect for urban adventures and overnighters in the woods. The Cosmo’s new, compact body, is more ergonomic with a lower profile for improved balance, and the updated user interface includes a second switch for easy lens selection. In addition, the updated optical efficiency not only provides brighter light, but also saves battery life. And thanks to its fully waterproof construction, the Cosmo keeps lighting the way through full-on storms, whether you’re forced to bike home in the rain, or you’re hiking back to camp in an unexpected downpour.
    Red night vision has dimming and strobe modes and activates without cycling through the white mode
    Compact, low-profile design uses three AAA batteries
    Settings include proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night-vision and lock mode
    Multifaceted optical lens design
    IPX8: Waterproof-Tested to operate at least 1.1 meters underwater for 30 minutes. If submerged, water may enter the battery compartment and it will still operate; it should be completely dried out after us in wet conditions.

    Item ID: 91835

    Category: Headlamp

  • Black Diamond Iota Headlamp ~NEW~

    A tiny light that packs a rechargeable punch, the Iota is Black Diamond's smallest and lightest rechargeable light, powering fast morning training sessions and evening hikes. Weight: 1.9 oz. (56 grams)

    • Max Lumens: 150
    • Max Burn Time: 40 hrs. (low) 2 hrs. (high)
    • Max Distance: 30 m (high) 6 m (low)
    • Water Resistance: IPX4
    • Power Source: Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery


    Item Number: 175-3020

    Item ID: 106396

    Category: Headlamp

  • Black Diamond Spot 225 Headlamp ~NEW~

    Our award-winning, full-featured waterproof headlamp is now lighter, brighter, and smaller. The new Spot325 features a more compact design, updated user interface, and improved multi-faceted optical lens design that not only saves battery life but also provides a powerful 325 lumens of light, making it the perfect light for pre-work dawn patrols, after-dark trail runs and climbing days that don’t always fit into 9 to 5.
    Lumens: 325 (high), 160 (medium), 6 (low)
    Burn Time: 4 hours (high), 8 hours (medium), 200 hours (low)
    Max Distance: 80 meters (high), 60 meters (medium), 8 meters (low)
    Waterproof: IPX8
    Power Source: 3AAA batteries (included)

    Item ID: 98218

    Category: Headlamp

  • Black Diamond Spot Headlamp - ~NEW~

    Black Diamond's full-featured headlamp with a precise and powerful beam, waterproof design and our PowerTap Technology, the Spot now features an incredible 300 lumens and improved peripheral lighting for close-range tasks.
    Lumens:  300
    Burn Time:  25 hrs. (high) 180 hrs. (low)
    Max Distance:  80 m (high) 10 m (low)
    Waterproof:  IPX8
    Power Source:  3 AAA (included)

    Item ID: 74766

    Category: Headlamp

  • Black Diamond Spot Llite 160 ~NEW~


    Thier  lightest, smallest, most compact headlamp with a waterproof body and full feature-set, the new SpotLite160 is the perfect headlamp for ultralight, pre-dawn or post-dusk action, plus itís small and discrete enough to hide away in your ìessentials bag.î

    • Max Lumens: 160
    • Max Burn Time: 2 hours (high), 14 hours (medium), 60 hours (low)
    • Max Distance: 60 meters (high), 30 meters (medium), 3 meters (low)
    • Waterproof: IPX 8
    • Batteries: 2 AAA (included)

    Item Number: 175-3010

    Item ID: 106377

    Category: Headlamp

  • Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp - ASsorted

    Black Diamond's totally redesigned kids' headlamp that now features lighting in a full-color spectrum, the Wiz gives kids the lighting they need to explore the outdoors in a variety of fun colors.
    Max Lumens:  30
    Max Burn Time:  120 hrs (low)  9 hrs (high)
    Maximum Distance:  20 m (high)  5 m (low)
    Stormproof:  IPX4
    Power Source:  2 AAA (included)

    • Brand = Black Diamond
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Assorted

    Item ID: 76166

    Category: Headlamp


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