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Handgun Ammo


  • CCI Blazer Brass Centerfire Pistol Ammo

    Blazer Brass brings shooters the reliability and quality of ammunition built to SAAMI standards, and is backed by stringent ISO certified quality systems. Blazer Brass is loaded in reloadable brass cases for added value. Standard Boxer-type primers and primer pockets mean you can reload Blazer Brass cases just like any other case. Blazer Brass is loaded with a protected-base FMJ bullet. CCI primers insure reliable ignition, and we load clean-burning propellants. 50 rounds per box except where noted. 

    Item Number: 996-586

    Item ID: 123475

    Category: Handgun Ammo

  • CCI Blazer Brass Centerfire Pistol Ammo 40 S&W 165Gr

    CCI 5230 Blazer Brass Centerfire Pistol Ammo 45 ACP 230Gr 50Rnd FMJ Blazer

    • Brand = CCI
    • Condition = New
    • Caliber = 40 S&W

    Item Number: 996-593

    Item ID: 123482

    Category: Handgun Ammo

  • PMC Bronze Rifle Ammo 223 REM

    Offers reliable performance for every shooting application, from target shooting to hunting. This long-popular ammunition line makes it possible for hunters and riflemen to enjoy high volume shooting without emptying their wallets. In commercial and military packaging. 20 rounds per box except 50 BMG is 10 rounds per box. 

    • Brand = PMC
    • Condition = New
    • Caliber = 223 REM

    Item Number: 996-779

    Item ID: 125392

    Category: Handgun Ammo

  • RWS Superpoint Extra Field Line 300ct

    RWS 2317409 Superpoint Extra Field Line .177 cal 300 ct 8.2 grain

    • Brand = RWS
    • Size = 300
    • Condition = New
    • Caliber = .177

    Item Number: 996-1184

    Item ID: 138417

    Category: Handgun Ammo


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