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Gold Pan


  • Heavy Duty Prospector's Sand Scoop

    Back Prospector’s Scoop is a must-have for accompanying your metal detector, as well as your panning, treasure hunting, gold prospecting, and gardening supplies.

    Features of this product include:
    • Heavy-duty plastic material that does not rust or corrode
    • Non-metallic scoop material for easily sensing metal when scanning under a metal detector
    • Black color to help spot any gold among other particles
    • Lanyard hole in the handle provides attachment options
    • Overall length: 12-½” 

    Item Number: 3010-147

    Item ID: 138716

    Category: Gold Pan

  • Stansport Professional Gold Pan ~NEW~

    Professional gold pans are made of heavy duty high impact flexible plastic. 

    Item Number: 175-3498

    Item ID: 119611

    Category: Gold Pan


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