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First Aid Kit


  • Adventure Medical Blister Medic ~NEW~


    Contains: 1- instructions, 1- folding scissors, 2- strip bandages, 2- knuckle bandages, 1- non-woven adhesive, 2- antibiotic ointment, 1- Spenco® 2nd Skin, 2- Moleskin, 3- antiseptic towelettes. Size: 5" x 4.25". Wt: 2.8 oz.


    • Brand = Adventure Medical
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-2481

    Item ID: 88172

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • Adventure Medical Electrolyte

     Need to refill your Adventure Medical First Aid Kit? No need to worry, here's a list of important items to refill your first aid kit.

    • Brand = Adventure Medical
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-3445

    Item ID: 119454

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • Adventure Medical Kits Backyard Adventure Raccoon

    Raccoons are clever, curious, resourceful like your child! The Backyard Adventure Raccoon First Aid Kit for kids makes first aid fun and easy. Perfect for outdoor activities, this medical kit includes kid-friendly first aid supplies that empower your child to treat cuts, scrapes, and minor injuries. The carabiner lets you clip the mini first aid kit to your child’s backpack for school field trips, family hikes, summer camp, or backyard adventures. Despite its small size, the raccoon kit has extra room so you can add your child’s personal medications or treasures from their adventures.

    Designed for Young Adventurers: Prepare your child to have fun and be safe with this kid medical kit, perfect for backyard adventures, school field trips, family hikes, and summer camps
    Treatment for Cuts and Scrapes: Treat cuts, scrapes, and minor injuries with these kid-friendly first aid supplies, including various adhesive bandages, cloth tape, sterile gauze dressings, and cleansing wipes
    Cute and Collectible: Make safety fun with this cute owl first aid kit for kids; Backyard Adventure kits come in five woodland critter designs so you can find the perfect one or collect them all
    Carabiner Clip: Attach this portable first aid kit to your child’s hiking, school, or camp backpack with the included carabiner clip so they have first aid basics wherever they go.
    Travel Size: Take this compact, mini first aid kit anywhere from hiking trips to family vacations so you’re equipped to treat common childhood injuries on the go
    Extra Room: Store personal medications or treasures from your child’s adventures in this small first aid kit; A little extra room so you can personalize it to meet your child’s unique needs 

    Item Number: 3997-104

    Item ID: 151679

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • Adventure Medical Moleskin Kit ~NEW~

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    • Brand = Adventure Medical
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-2498

    Item ID: 88673

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • Adventure Medical Ultralight & WaterTight First Aid Kit

    Offers basic wound and blister management supplies in a waterproof and ultra lightweight bag. See chart for contents.
    l 0.3: 1 person/1 day. 4.75" x 4"x1", 2.5 oz.
    l 0.5: 1 person/ 1-2 days. 7" x 5" x 1.5", 3.5 oz.
    l 0.7: 1-2 people/1-4 days. 7" x 5" x 2.5", 6.5 oz.
    l 0.9: 1-4 people/1-4 days. 8.25" x 5" x 3", 9.5 oz.

    Item Number: 175-223

    Item ID: 16091

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • AMK Trauma Pak with QuikClot

    When it comes to emergencies, professionals know excess equipment only gets in the way. Act fast to provide immediate trauma care with the AMK Trauma Pak with QuikClot, which contains key supplies to control bleeding at the scene until medical professionals arrive. This essentials-only trauma pack contains QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge, a hemostatic dressing that stops bleeding three times faster by accelerating your body’s natural clotting process. In addition to QuikClot, this pack includes a combine pad, triangular bandage, and gauze dressings to help control the bleeding and duct tape to hold it all in place. Packed in a tough, waterproof pouch that easily fits into a BDU pocket or glove box, the Trauma Pak with QuikClot is compact, easy-to-use addition to your medical kit, first responder kit, or everyday carry bag that could help you save a life.
    Designed for Immediate Response: QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge, trauma pad, triangular bandage, sterile gauzes, and other key supplies
    QuikClot to Stop Bleeding Fast: Sponge contains the hemostatic agent zeolite, an inorganic mineral that works quickly to induce clotting
    Critical Trauma Instructions: One-page guide includes life-saving trauma care instructions
    Compact and Lightweight: Weighs only 4.4 oz. and is small enough to fit into a BDU pocket, glove box, range bag, backpack or, first aid kit
    Waterproof DryFlex Bag: Re-sealable DryFlex bag is completely waterproof and incredibly durable 

    Item Number: 3997-86

    Item ID: 151660

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • AMK Ultralight Watertight Medical Kit

    Whether you're backpacking, mountain biking, skiing, or canoeing, the AMK Ultralight and Watertight .9 Medical Kit contains the first aid supplies you need in a kit that keeps water and the elements out. You'll travel light and fast with this waterproof first aid kit, designed for multi-sport trips of 1-4 days with 1-4 people. The kit features two layers of rugged waterproofing protection, keeping the contents safe and dry even in the most extreme elements. Ideal for ultralight hiking, this kit lets you keep weight to a minimum, as it weighs less than 8 oz., while still being prepared. The Ultralight and Watertight .9 is stocked with first aid essentials to treat common outdoor injuries, as well as emergency supplies to provide trauma care for bleeding, fractures, and sprains. Repeatedly tested and approved by professionals and multi-sport athletes, this kit can be counted on to perform no matter how intense the adventure and the elements.
    Designed for Multi-Sport Athletes
    2-Stage Waterproof Bag: 100 percent waterproof DryFlex inner bags and water-resistant outer bag and durable water repellent finish
    Trauma Supplies: Stop bleeding with the trauma pad; Stabilize fractures and sprains using the wide elastic bandage
    Treatment for Wounds and Illnesses: Clean and close wounds with an irrigation syringe, wound closure strips, sterile dressings, and a topical adhesive; Manage pain and allergies with medicince
    Emergency Gear Repairs: Repair gear quickly on-the-go using the included safety pins and a mini roll of duct tape for temporary fixes until your next stop
    Blister Protection: Stop blisters before they start with die-cut moleskin, the most reliable dressing to reduce friction and prevent blisters 

    Item Number: 3997-84

    Item ID: 151658

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • Coghlan's Foot Care Kit

    Foot Care Kit

    • Brand = Coghlan's
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-3456

    Item ID: 119465

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • Coghlan's Snake Bite Kit

    A complete, compact kit for the treatment of snake bite using the constrictor/suction method. Includes 3 pliable suction cups, easy to use one hand lymph constrictor, scalpel, and antiseptic swab. 

    • Brand = Coghlan's
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 996-1621

    Item ID: 169422

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • Dr. Scholl's Molefoam ~NEW~

    Millions of tiny air cells cushion and protect calluses, bunions and sore heels from painful shoe/boot pressure and friction. Pack of 2. Size: 4" x 3 1/2".

    • Brand = Dr. Scholl's
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-2483

    Item ID: 88174

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • Dr. Scholl's Moleskin ~NEW~

    Helps prevent and care for blisters by spreading pressure evenly over covered area. Quickly cut to shape and apply with adhesive backing.  Size: 4 5/8" x 3 3/8".

    • Brand = Dr. Scholl's
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-2482

    Item ID: 88173

    Category: First Aid Kit

  • l Travel Medic

     Small enough to fit in a briefcase, suitcase or glove compartment. This kit contains the basic essentials for short trips. Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 1", weight: 2 oz.

    • Brand = Adventure Medical
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 175-3453

    Item ID: 119462

    Category: First Aid Kit


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