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Compression Sack


  • Alps Mountaineering Cyclone Stuff Sack M *

    Whether you need a stuff sack for your sleeping bag or for storing other items in your pack, the high quality Cyclone Stuff Sacks in the ALPS Mountaineering line, will perform to the highest standards, time and time again, on all your treks. There is a strap that connects the bottom and top lid so you can cinch down the top as much, or as little as you need to adjust the length depending on what you are carrying on each trip. In addition, there are three straps that compress the diameter. Available in three sizes!
    l Medium
    l Color: Blue
    l Diameter: 8"
    l Length: 19"
    l Capacity: 955 in³ / 15 L
    l Color: Olive
    l Diameter: 10"
    l Length: 21"
    l Capacity: 1649 in³ / 27 L
    l Color: Rust
    l Diameter: 12"
    l Length: 25"
    l Capacity: 2827 in³ / 45 L

    Item Number: 568-247

    Item ID: 97722

    Category: Compression Sack

    $30.00 save 23%
  • Peregrine Size 3L Ultralight Compression Sack

    l Cylinder shaped stuff-sack with four compression straps for space reduction.
    l 30D CORDURA® Ultralite fabric delivers a desirable combination of qualities: durable, compact, lightweight, and weatherproof.
    l Drawstring closure and compression lid completely close the bag to contain and protect the items inside.
    l Carrying handle conveniently place on one end for better handling.

    Item Number: 175-454

    Item ID: 28860

    Category: Compression Sack


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