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Collapsible Buckets


  • Jack's Plastic Collapsible Buckets

    Tough and durable with "buckets" of uses!!
    Made with a 35-oz bottom, and a 18 oz top for increased durability. There is a handy grab loop on the bottom for pouring liquid or hanging to dry. Use this bucket as a shopping bag when you are getting groceries from your boat. Roll the top down with the loop handle inside, and the bucket becomes a dish washing bucket. Tie the handle up to settle water. Sort and store your climbing and camping gear. You will find this bucket very handy for a number of uses.
    You will wonder what you ever did without one!!

    Scrap material from producing larger products is used so these buckets are made with many colors and helps to reduce waste.  The oval/rectangular bucket has 2 handles while the round version has 1.

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