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Classic Skis


  • Alpina Control 60 ~CLOSEOUT~

    Control 60 - CLOSEOUT! - Save 33%!
    Sometimes cross country skiing is just about getting away from it all and enjoying being outside, not about the pressures of racing or the extreme nature of exploring off-the-trail backcountry. Wider than Alpina's racing skis and narrower than its backcountry skis, the Control 60 Touring Ski is ideal for nordic skiers who are out to enjoy long days on the trail for pleasure or fitness. The aptly-named Control provides a wide range of skiers, from beginners to advanced recreational, the easy-gliding stability and control they desire.
    The Control 60 features a poplar wood core for supple, fluid, and easy flex, which means that you won't have to fight the ski to get optimal performance. At 50mm underfoot, the Control offers a wide, stable platform without being bulky or cumbersome. An embossed waxless base allows the ski to glide freely while still maintaining balanced control. Unlike Alpina's backcountry models, the Control doesn't have metal edges, cutting down on weight. A polyethylene topsheet adds a layer of tough durability for many years of use.
    •Poplar wood core
    •Embossed MGE base
    •50mm waist
    •Polyethylene topsheet
    •Accepts any flat-mount binding

    Item ID: 36967

    Category: Classic Skis

    $150.00 save 34%
  • Alpina Control Control Jr Nordic Ski ~CLOSEOUT~

    The Control is a wood core, air channel fiberglass ski. Features a No-Wax multi-grip base. Color: Black/Gray. Width: 54/48/52.  Flat top can be mounted with most bindings.

    Item ID: 26146

    Category: Classic Skis

    $99.99 save 25%
  • Alpina Size 174 Ambition Frontier NIS

    Ambition Frontier NIS with Rottefella Touring Auto NNN Bindings
    Alpina Frontier Nordic touring skis boast a fiberglass-wrapped wood core and offer excellent lightweight performance on groomed tracks.
    • Compatible with NIS bindings (not included)
    • Wood core wrapped in layers of air-channeled fiberglass
    • Waxless Multi-Grip base features one-way grooves that keep the skis from sliding backwards on uphills
    • Glossy topsheet sheds snow
    • Sidecut dimensions: 52/55/53
    • Weight: 3 lb. 7 oz. (based on 175cm)
    • Material: Fiberglass with wood core
    • Made in Ukraine

    • Brand = Alpina
    • Size = 174

    Item ID: 26148

    Category: Classic Skis

    $299.00 save 43%
  • Alpina Size Ambition Energy NIS with Rottefella NNN Bindings - NEW

    Ambition Energy NIS with Rottefella Auto Touring Bindings

    Item ID: 26149

    Category: Classic Skis

    $279.00 save 50%
  • Fischer 75mm 3-Pin Size 160 Classic Skis

    • Brand = Fischer
    • Size = 160
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Grey
    • Binding Type = 75mm 3-Pin

    Item Number: 34-17543

    Item ID: 113659

    Category: Classic Skis

    Original Price: $29.00
  • Fischer RCS Size 110 SNS Classic Skis


    • Brand = Fischer
    • Size = 110
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Yellow
    • Binding Type = SNS

    Item Number: 34-17548

    Item ID: 113664

    Category: Classic Skis

    Original Price: $49.00
  • Fischer Size 210 SNS Classic Skis

    • Brand = Fischer
    • Size = 210
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Blue/Yellow
    • Binding Type = SNS

    Item Number: 3495-3

    Item ID: 114654

    Category: Classic Skis

  • Fischer SNS Profil Classic Skis

    • Brand = Fischer
    • Size = 190
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Yellow
    • Binding Type = SNS Profil

    Item Number: 2751-76

    Item ID: 105808

    Category: Classic Skis

    Original Price: $65.00

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