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  • Basic Illustrated Alpine Ski touring

    Basic Illustrated Alpine Ski Touring has everything one needs to participate in this growing and exciting activity. Written by expert Molly Abolson, this book provides information on gear, skills, and preparation so that beginners and intermediate participants alike can enjoy this emerging sport with confidence.

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  • Book

    Where God Put the West, by Bette L Stanton

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  • Climbing Protection ~NEW~

    Climbing: Protection is a pocket-size instructional climbing book with the backing of the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) that focuses on climbing protection and safety. The book will feature information on environment and terrain, best practices, gear, and more. Photos will be throughout.

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  • Creek Freak: Indian Creek Climbs ~NEW~

    Creek Freak: Indian Creek Climbs - Karl Kelley

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  • Cycling in the Roaring Fork Valley

    Cycling in the Roaring Fork Valley

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  • High on Moab - Karl Kelly ~NEW~

    High on Moab - Karl Kelly

    Towers, crags, bouldering—it’s all here. Never before have the climbs of greater Moab been so well documented. Long-time Moab local Karl Kelley draws from the town’s climbing community and decades of climbing on the world-class sandstone. This book describes the very best climbing in Utah’s picturesque red rock desert.

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  • Hiking & 4-WD Guide to the Arches of the San Rafael Swell

    Hiking & 4-WD Guide to the Arches of the San Rafael Swell

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    This edition is basically the same as of the 1st, but a number of new hikes to fotogenic places and to rock art sites have been added, plus more local history.  This book has brief stories of Charley Steen, the guy most-responsible for Utah’s Uranium Boom; Moab’s own Swanny Kerby and his professional rodeo career; John Romjue the best moonshiner in southeast Utah; plus more history about making moonshine whiskey in the canyons during the 1920’s & early ’30’s; the Moynier brothers sheep outfit, and more.  Also added, are lots more hikes to rock art sites.  One example, there are now at least 6 known faces panels and they’re called the 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, and 13 Faces Panels, and they’re all in or near  The Needles District.  This means they all could have been painted by the same Michelangelo!   Something to think about.  Also, Moab has to be the rock art capital of the world!


    392 pages, 429 mostly color photos.


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  • Indian Creek - A Climbing Guide - David Bloom ~NEW~

    Indian Creek - A Climbing Guide - David Bloom
    Indian Creek: A Climbing Guide (Camalot edition) by David Bloom. The new edition features gear in Camalots and contains over 100 previously unpublished routes.
    The definitive guide to climbing in Indian Creek. No other book has done more to change the face of guidebooks. The first full-color guide in the US, Bloom's masterpiece captured the flavor and aura of this breathtaking area through vivid photographs and poignant essays. The new edition boasts more than 100 additional routes and gear beta in Camalots.

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  • Moab Canyoneering - Derek Wolfe

    Moab Canyoneering - Derek Wolfe - Exploring Technical Canyons Around Moab
    Surrounded by stunning landscapes, national parks and amazing scenery, Moab offers rich, rewarding opportunities for canyoneers of all skill levels.  From easy half days outings to full day excursions, there are plenty of options for anyone who wishes to seek some Moab gorging adventure.
    23 technical canyons around Moab
    Comprehensive driving directions to trailheads
    Full color topographical maps
    Rappel profiles and anchors options
    Detailed, first-hand route descriptions
    Key GPS waypoints to help aid in navigation
    Equipment recommendations for each canyon

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    This is a boater’s, rafter’s and canoeist’s guide to the Green and Colorado Rivers, between the towns of Green River and Moab, Utah.  The subjects covered are hiking, camping, geology, archaeology, and steamboating, cowboy, ranching & trail building history.   For each major river bottom, an in-depth history is told about early attempts at settlement.  Many of the stories come from the oldest cowboys in the country, most of whom have passed away since the 1st edition of this book came out in 1991.  But many of their descriptive tales are backed up by newspaper articles and other sources.  Included are lots of amusing stories as told by local story tellers.  The histories of local legends like Bill Tibbetts and John Jackson are also told, plus the story of the Range War of 1924-25.  In addition, information on where to find campsites, the best places to hike, obtain good spring water and helpful tips for boaters are included.  All photos in this new edition are in full color except for old historic pictures.
    272 pages, 282 mostly color photos, 15cm x 23cm (6"x9")

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  • Snow Sense - NEW

    Avalanche accidents do not happen by accident; they happen for particular reasons. "Snow Sense" addresses the critical terrain, snowpack, and weather variables that make it possible for a slope to avalanche along with the human factors that allow most accidents to happen. If you don't want to become an avalanche victim, read this book. "Snow Sense" is the best-selling avalanche safety book available. Intended for skiers, snowmachiners, snowboarders, climbers and others who work and play in avalanche country.  

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