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  • 51"x 80" Wool Blanket ~NEW~

    Not only will you stay warm in the cold, but this multipurpose blanket can even hold its own as a makeshift shelter, ground cover, padding, or as a protective shield from the elements—a great addition to your home, vehicle, travel gear,or emergency/survival supply. Feel free to use this very handy blanket while camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, boating, traveling, for extreme weather conditions, and during emergency situations.
    • Dimensions: 51” Wide x 80” Long
    • 50% Wool Material / 50% Synthetic Material
    • Weight: 2LBS
    • Gray Color

    • Brand = Sona
    • Condition = New

    Item Number: 3010-22

    Item ID: 89392

    Category: Blankets

  • ALPS Mountaineering Wavelength Blanket

    Whether you want to curl up next to the fireplace or enjoy the great outdoors on a chilly evening, the Wavelength Blanket is a perfect companion. Constructed with TechLoft Silver insulation, the Wavelength provides the warmth of a standard quilt without the bulk or weight. The Wavelength features 20D Nylon fabric that provides a soft, durable, water and dirt resistant surface perfect for use indoors or out. Conveniently packaged with a stuff sack, the Wavelength is a compact and portable blanket designed to fit your active lifestyle.
    Durable, lightweight blanket provides comfort and warmth on-the-go
    Water- and dirt-resistant
    20D 380T Nylon fabric
    TechLoft Silver insulation
    Stuff sack included for easy storage and transport
    Dimensions: 54" x 80"
    Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz.
    Packed size: 9.25" x 16" 

    • Brand = ALPS Mountaineering

    Item Number: 568-416

    Item ID: 147415

    Category: Blankets

  • Alps Mountaineering Wavelength Blanket - Red *

    l Durable, lightweight blanket provides comfort and warmth on-the-go
    l Water- and dirt-resistant
    l 20D 380T Nylon fabric
    l TechLoft Silver insulation
    l Stuff stack included for easy storage and transport
    Dimensions: 54" x 80"
    Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz.
    Packed size: 9.25" x 16"

    Item Number: 568-172

    Item ID: 70497

    Category: Blankets

  • Baja Blankets ~NEW~

    Assorted designs and colors. Size 78" x 55". Great blanket to take to the beach or on a picnic 

    • Brand = Wilcor
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Assorted

    Item Number: 343-187

    Item ID: 47420

    Category: Blankets

  • CGear Sand Blankets/Mats

    CGEAR’s Sandlite Mat is the only product made with patented technology to offer a truly sand-free experience. Here’s how it works: We stagger layers of precisely engineered polyester to form a type of conveyor belt. Each layer is designed to allow particles of sand, dirt, and dust to fall through the fabric rather than sit on its surface.

    Because the layers are staggered, sand can only go one way (down), not back up. And because we use polyethylene, sand doesn’t stick to the material. It falls through naturally and is quickly removed with the swipe of a hand. Best of all? Our lightweight and ultra-thin weaves are soft to the touch.

    Air passes through CGEAR's patented weave effortlessly, meaning you don’t have to hassle with weights or tie-downs. All our mats roll up into a compact package for easy transportation. They feature a convenient carrying handle as well as an elastic closure loop, which keeps them rolled tightly and securely. 

    Item Number: 175-4788

    Item ID: 132492

    Category: Blankets

  • Coral Fleece Blanket Plaid Bear 70x90 ~NEW~

    Made of 100% polyester coral fleece. Has double sided printing with classic plaid design with bear trim. Twin size, 70"x90". 

    Item Number: 343-454

    Item ID: 80734

    Category: Blankets

  • Equinox Nanook Traveler: Solid Fleece Blanket

     Our standard, plush, mid-weight fleece blanket. Edge bound with a unique blanket stitch. A bit longer than most, measuring 60” x 74”. Blankets are rolled with an attractive paper wrap offering convenient display. Weighs 1 lb. 11 oz. Made in USA.

    • Brand = Equinox
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Assorted

    Item Number: 175-3043

    Item ID: 107649

    Category: Blankets

  • Fleece Blankets - Outdoor Design ~NEW~

    50"x60" light and snuggly soft blanket with assorted outdoor design.

    • Brand = Wilcor
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Assorted

    Item Number: 343-288

    Item ID: 64916

    Category: Blankets

  • Peregrine Field Quilt - Double

    Peregrine Field Quilt - Double

    • Brand = 02 Cool
    • Size = Double
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Blue

    Item Number: 175-2858

    Item ID: 94873

    Category: Blankets

  • Peregrine Solid Wool 55

    Beautiful solid color wool blankets that are warm, soft, naturally flame retardant, and machine washable. Fits twin and full size beds.

    Dimensions: 66"x 84"
    Material: 55% wool, 45% synthetic
    Flame retardant
    Weight: 2.75 lbs
    Machine Washable: Yes 

    Item Number: 175-4383

    Item ID: 128329

    Category: Blankets

  • Rothco Navy w/ Gold Stripe Wool Blanket ~NEW~

    Rothco's Wool Blanket is great for camping, bug out bags, survival kits or for every day.

    Made From 55% Woven Wool For Warmth
    Wool Is A Natural Fire Retardant Material
    Great For Survival Kits, Bug Out Bags, Or Everyday Use
    Measures 62-Inches By 80-Inches 

    • Brand = Rothco
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Navy

    Item Number: 133-474

    Item ID: 102686

    Category: Blankets

  • Sea To Summit Size Long Blankets

    Ember EB 1 quilt

    • Brand = Sea To Summit
    • Size = Long
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Yellow

    Item Number: 1653-120

    Item ID: 162734

    Category: Blankets

    $289.00 save 35%

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