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  • Beal Tract Up Ascender

    Compact micro blocker for rope ascension and hauling.

    Weight: 80 g 

    • Brand = Beal
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Green

    Item Number: 175-5891

    Item ID: 156861

    Category: Ascender

  • Cypher Ascenders

    Our patented ascenders are strong, work on ropes from 8mm to 13mm and come with a patented lever that, when suppressed, allows for safe and easy down climbing without removing the ascender from the rope. Complete with a comfortable rubber grip that stays that way even in harsh, wet conditions. The rope cam is designed to hold even on dirty, muddy or icy ropes.

    • Weight: 215 grams each
    • Dynamic Rope Diameter Range: 8mm to 13mm
    • Static Rope Diameter Range: 10mm to 13mm
    • Patented design


    Item Number: 175-741

    Item ID: 44708

    Category: Ascender


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