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Alpine Touring Bindings


  • Diamir Vipec TUV Alpine Touring Bindings ~NEW~

    Vipec 12 TUV M-108MM Tech Bindings
    WE are closing out the last of our Black Diamond Bindings.  Brand new purchased directly from Black Diamond.
    Even better and easier to use than the original, the third-generation Vipec 12 builds on the success of the world’s first binding to combine the lightweight functionality of a tech binding with the predetermined safety release of an alpine binding. Now with TUV certification, the binding adds a level of reliabilty. Extremely lightweight, rigid and easy to switch between walk and ski modes, this model features improved step-in and step-out performance and a new, more secure toe-pin adjustment system. The Vipec’s predefined safety release comes thanks to a gliding heel piece that allows for active length compensation. The heel piece’s dynamic travel allows for consistent contact pressure and reliable release as the ski flexes. This system makes for a binding that is not only lightweight and streamlined, but provides increased ease of use and safety. The two-stage heel riser allows for three different configurations and easily switches for variable terrain. Micro-adjustable width wings in the toe piece accommodate the variety of tech insert styles on the market.
       TUV Certified
       Safety Tech System features a defined front lateral release in both ski and walk mode for skiing and avalanche safety
       Integrated dynamic range in both heel and toe ensures predictable release
       Easy Switch heel and toe allow changes between ski and walk mode without stepping out of the binding
       Three-level heel riser
       Brakes included
       Micro-adjustable width wings help compatibility with any model tech insert

    Item ID: 37320

    Category: Alpine Touring Bindings

    $500.00 save 40%
  • Dynafit Beast - 105mm Brake Alpine Touring Bindings

    Beast - 105mm Brake

    • Brand = Dynafit
    • Condition = Pre-Owned

    Item Number: 1191-6

    Item ID: 113842

    Category: Alpine Touring Bindings

    Original Price: $299.00

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