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Webbing & Cordelette


  • Cypher 1" Tubular Webbing ~NEW~

    Cypher's tubular webbing is constructed to be the strongest webbing available. With no more than three splices per spool and no less than 5 yards between each splice, the guarantees of quality, durability and the highest strength rating are made possible. 1" and 11/16" are made in the U.S.A.
    • 1/2" strength: 1,000 lbs., 4.4kN
    • 11/16" strength: 2,500 lbs., 11 kN
    • 1" strength: 4,000 lbs., 17.8 kN
    • 2" strength: 7,000 lbs., 31 kN
    Made in USA
    WARNING: **Spools may contain one or more splices**

    Item ID: 46449

    Category: Webbing & Cordelette

  • Grivel Daisy Chain & Belay Chain ~NEW~

    We all love the comfort and versatility of the Daisy-chain. But in its traditional version it can lead to wrong uses and become dangerous. Today Grivel can offer a chain guaranteed to 22kN in every loop and every point! No more possibility of error, and no risk of mistake or dangerous maneuvers. Nylon covered Dyneema® webbing for durability and strength.
    CE Certified EN566 UIAA
    • Length: 119 cm 47"
    • Weight: 76 grams 2.68 oz
    Width: 11mm
    Strength: 22kN

    Item ID: 49536

    Category: Webbing & Cordelette

  • NRS HD Tie Down Straps - 4'

    The NRS 1" HD Tie-Down Strap has been the first choice of rafters, kayakers, canoeists and other outdoor folks for over 35 years. The 1" wide polypropylene webbing has a tensile strength of 1,500 pounds, so you can lash down your gear with confidence. The webbing is soaked in their proprietary UV protectant for long life in the sunny outdoors. Two center-mounted stainless-steel springs give our cam buckle a stronger, more secure grip on the webbing. The length of each NRS tie-down strap is woven right into the webbing, so there's never any guesswork when choosing the right size for the job. A waterproof 1" x 3" tag near the buckle gives you a place to write your name and contact info to prove to your buddy that it's your strap, NOT his. Yes, they're the gold standard for boaters, but savvy people have found literally hundreds of other uses for them.

    • Brand = NRS
    • Size = 4
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 93044

    Category: Webbing & Cordelette

  • Solgear 1" Cam Straps ~NEW~

    1" Polyester straps with double center spring cam buckle.

    Item ID: 49711

    Category: Webbing & Cordelette

  • Solgear Cam Strap 1.5" x 4' - Black *

    Solgear 1.5" polyester cam straps are designed and made to be strong and long lasting.
    • Heavy duty polyester webbing for maximum UV resistance.
    • NRS cam buckle
    • > 5000 lb break strength

    • Brand = Solgear
    • Size = 4
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Black

    Item ID: 52899

    Category: Webbing & Cordelette

  • Solgear Loop Cam Strap - 4' Red *

    Solgear 1" polyester loop cam straps are designed and made to be strong, long lasting, and a great way to secure your gear. Each loop strap is made of two straps. One strap has a loop at one end, a < 1' length of strap, and a cam buckle at the other end. The other strap has a loop at one end, and the remaining length of the strap. Our 12' loop straps are ~ 12' between the loops.
    • Heavy duty polyester webbing for maximum UV resistance
    • Double center spring cam buckle
    • Simple to use; remain in place for easy reloading.
    • 1500 lb break strength
    • Color coded lengths

    • Brand = Solgear
    • Size = 4
    • Condition = New
    • Color = Red

    Item ID: 52901

    Category: Webbing & Cordelette

  • Sterling Chain Reactor ~NEW~

    The replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chain. The Chain Reactor absorbs enough energy to withstand three factor 2 drops. Serves as a full strength, abrasion resistant extension of the "tie in point" of a harness. Extends a rappel device brake by more than twice the amount of brake line that is in the visual field. Allows for a clear disconnect in deep pools of water. Can also be used to belay a canyon leader on a down climb, swim, or exposed approach.
    • Nylon webbing

    Item ID: 49539

    Category: Webbing & Cordelette


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