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Tuning Supplies


  • Brooks-Range Ski Binding Tool ~NEW~

    The Brooks-Range Ski Binding Tool comes with all the bits you'll need to tighten or adjust your ski binding in the field, in a small, lightweight package. Eight bits fit inside the handle then snap into the 1/4" hex drive that can be set to ratchet tight, loose, or hold steady in a neutral, non-ratcheting position for precision and power when you need it.

    • Brand = Brooks-Range
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 82333

    Category: Tuning Supplies

  • North Edge Sharpener ~NEW~

    Edge Sharpener
    North Edge Sharpener
    Pocket size Side-edge and Base-edge Sharpener with 40 mm file, in one tool. Side-edge 87 and 88 degrees, and base edge 0.5 and 1 degrees.

    • Brand = North
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 40927

    Category: Tuning Supplies

    $25.00 save 12%
  • North Glidewax Universal 180g

    North by Swix.  Glidewax Universal 180g
    Formulated to meet the highest environmental standards, NORTH, a new collection by Swix, is designed for freeride and backcountry applications in a concise collection made to simplify waxing for new users.

    Item ID: 40906

    Category: Tuning Supplies

    $16.00 save 12%
  • North Mountain Freedom Universal Glidewax, 150ml

    Mountain Freedom Universal Glidewax, 150ml Aerosol
    Easy to apply, and includes it's own applicator.
    Temperature Range: All Temperatures
    Will last a full day under most conditions.  This wax performs best over a recent hot wax job.
    North, forged by SWIX – A new line of waxes and ski care products aimed at the freeride and backcountry enthusiast, North emphasizes simplicity and eco-friendliness.

    • Brand = North
    • Degrees = Universal

    Item ID: 40904

    Category: Tuning Supplies

    $15.00 save 17%
  • North Plexi Scraper

    Plexi Scraper
    Tune up your board or skis with the North by Swix® Plexi Scraper. Designed for use with your snowboard or wide skis, this equipment accessory is great for removing excess wax from the base. Thick, and easy to handle, this scraper boasts a convenient hole for hanging this tool with your other equipment. Keep peak performance at your fingertips when you use the Plexi Scraper.

    • Brand = North
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 40914

    Category: Tuning Supplies

    $10.00 save 20%
  • North Tuning Kit - The Shuttle

    Tuning Kit - The Shuttle
    Swix North Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit Shuttle.
    • Travel-size case with zipper and handle
    • Mountain Freedom liquid wax, quick and easy to apply - better glide. All temperatures/conditions.
    • Edge sharpening tool (Side: 88 and 87 degrees / Base: 0.5 and 1.0)
    • Diamond side edge polishing tool (88 and 87 degrees)
    • Large Natural Cork for rubbing-in wax & buffing for a slick finish.
    • Brass/Nylon Combo Brush
    • Tuning Instructional Guide

    • Brand = North
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 40910

    Category: Tuning Supplies

    $80.00 save 13%
  • Swix 6 Way Tuner Kit ~NEW~

    6 Way Tuner Kit
    Tuning Kit, For tuning steel edges, For recreation, All you need for a good price
    SWIX 6-WAY TUNER KIT With ergonomic file holder. 80 mm file. Diamonds stone for polishing. Abrasive stone for edge treatment.

    • Brand = Swix
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 40929

    Category: Tuning Supplies

    $60.00 save 17%
  • Swix Base Cleaner Aerosol, 70 ml

    Base Cleaner Aerosol, 70 ml
    Aerosol spray on base cleaner
    Use to clean out base structure of skis; Easy to use pump spray applicator leaves no residue on ski bases

    Best when cleaned off with Swix Fiberlene paper, which will not leave any paper residue in the ski base

    • Brand = Swix
    • Size = 70ml

    Item ID: 40889

    Category: Tuning Supplies


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