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Throw Bag


  • Liberty Mountain "Dirty Devil" Throw Bag

    "Dirty Devil" 50' Throw Bag
    • 50'
    • 7mm polypropylene float rope, 1600 lb strength.
    • Foam insert assures the bag remains afloat.
    • Drawstring and cordlock closure .
    • Made of 420 D packcloth and 1000 D reinforcement.
    • Side release buckle for secure attachment and rapid release.

    Item ID: 7856

    Category: Throw Bag

  • Solgear Throw Bags - MADE IN MOAB - NEW

    Solgear Throw Bags are made of florescent orange plastic-coated mesh so your rope can breathe and dry faster. Drawstring is woven through grommets for fast action cinching plus there is a foam float sewn into the bottom of the bag. Two grommets for your rope tail are backed with webbing to resist tear-out and allow you to tie the bag into the end of the rope. This Solgear Throw Bag is stuffed with 50' of 3/8" Polypropylene Line from NRS® and has a rated break strength of 1900 LBS or 8.63 kN. This rope is made with a Polypropylene core and has polypropylene sheath.
    Polypro Line from NRS®
    • 3/8" (9.5mm) Diameter
    • 1900 lbs (8.45 kN) MRBS
    • Polypropylene Core
    • Polypropylene Sheath

    Item ID: 47409

    Category: Throw Bag


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