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Slings & Draws


  • Cypher 10MM DYNEEMA® Slings

    Light and strong, Cypher Dyneema® slings will help keep bulk and weight of your rack to an all time low.  10mm widths are available in different colors and lengths for all your needs. For extending your protection and building anchors.
    Strength: 22kN
    CE EN566 Certified

    Item ID: 28866

    Category: Slings & Draws

  • Cypher 16mm Nylon Sling ~NEW~

    Cypher’s assortment of slings provides almost every option for a customized rack system. Extend your protection, build anchors with these 16mm flat webbing slings
    Strength: 22kN
    Width: 16mm
    CE EN566 Certified

    Item ID: 29696

    Category: Slings & Draws

  • Cypher Black 1" Nylon Sling - 30cm

    Cypher one-inch slings are made of the finest tubular webbing available. Strong and resilient, the Cypher slings offer reliable protection when placing gear or building anchors. Choose from six different lengths. Black color.
    • Strength: 22kN
    CE Certified

    Item ID: 46260

    Category: Slings & Draws

  • Edelweiss 19MM Nylon Sling - 60CM

    Classical sewn slings made of 19mm tubular webbing.
    Weight: 60cm 47 grams 120cm 89 grams
    Strength: 22kN
    Width: 19mm
    CE EN566 EN795B EN354 and UIAA Certified

    Item ID: 31690

    Category: Slings & Draws

  • Mammut Slings & Draws

    • Brand = Mammut
    • Condition = Pre-Owned

    Item ID: 47036

    Category: Slings & Draws

  • Petzl Foot Loop

    Foot Loop

    • Brand = Petzl
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Yellow

    Item ID: 44821

    Category: Slings & Draws

  • Wild Country Slings & Draws

    • Brand = Wild Country
    • Condition = Pre-Owned
    • Color = Purple

    Item ID: 44819

    Category: Slings & Draws


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