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Rafting Accessories


  • Eddyline Welding Aluminum Raft Sand Stake ~NEW~

    Aluminum Raft Sand Stake
    2” aluminum angle 1/4” thick with a 1/4" top plate and a 2” stainless steel d-ring.  Overall length is 23 1/2”.  Super beefy!!

    • Brand = Eddyline Welding
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 52639

    Category: Rafting Accessories

  • Eddyline Welding Stainless Steel Sand Stake ~NEW~

    Stainless Steel Raft Sand Stake – made from 1/8” stainless steel formed into a 2’3 angle with a 3/16" top plate and a 1” hole for a carabiner or webbing to anchor to.  $75 each.

    • Brand = Eddyline Welding
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 65505

    Category: Rafting Accessories

  • Kayak/Raft Sponge ~NEW~

    Kayak/Raft Sponge
    Absorbs up to 36 oz. of water at a time! Removes the last drops of water bilge pumps leave behind. Not only does it lift out water, but it also lifts out sand.

    • Brand = Shoreline Marine
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 44488

    Category: Rafting Accessories

  • Nettie's Bag Ladder - 3-Rung - Blue

    Nettie's Bag Ladder - 3-Rung - Blue

    • Condition = New
    • Color = Blue

    Item ID: 59154

    Category: Rafting Accessories

  • NRS Adjustable Cooler/Dry Box Mounts

    Adjustable Cooler/Dry Box Mounts

    • Brand = NRS
    • Condition = Like New

    Item ID: 75349

    Category: Rafting Accessories

    $85.00 save 35%
  • Solgear Drag Bag ~NEW~

    This Solgear Drag Bag is modeled after the military canvas duffels and is all mesh for maximum breathe-ability and easy drainage. This bag is specifically designed to hold your beverages and cool them to the water temperature. Run a strap through the handles and secure to your raft or boat. The bag is secured shut by slipping 3 grommets over a stainless steel hook and clipping the hook shut with a bronze trigger snap.
    The Small size is approximately 9" tall when shut and 9" in diameter. This bag can hold up to 14 cans (12 oz.) if you stack them in perfectly, or holds 12 with ease.
    The Large size is approximately 16" tall when shut and 12" in diameter. This bag can hold up to 48 cans (12 oz.) if you stack them in perfectly, or just dump 30 in with ease.

    Item ID: 45544

    Category: Rafting Accessories

  • Solgear Oar Raft Flip Bag

    Oar Raft Flip Bag

    • Brand = Solgear
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 50081

    Category: Rafting Accessories

  • Solgear Paddle Raft Flip Bag

    The Solgear Flip Bag is a unique flip bag. It is not just a bag with rope in it. It is designed to be in place on your raft and available in the event of a raft flip. Girth Hitch the small loop of webbing onto your raft's frame and then clip the Flip Bag onto the loop so that the carabineer (included) will open and allow the bag to slide off of the carabineer without removing the carabineer from the raft. This flip bag includes a screwlock keylock carabineer so there is no "tooth" to hook as you slide the flip bag off of the carabineer. Once the flip bag has been removed, pull out the webbing to use in levering your raft back over. There is a piece of clear vinyl tubing on the handle that is used to keep the webbing tucked into the bag. The 1" tubular webbing (included) is stronger than most conventional flip bag ropes and should last longer. This webbing is then also available for use in pin situations. Most Oar rafts will require 2 bags used by 2 people and some boaters prefer to have a bag at each corner (4 total) for quick use in overturning a raft in either direction. THIS BAG WILL NOT PREVENT A RAFT FLIP AND WILL ONLY WORK AS WELL AS THE OPERATOR. Practice is key and training in a formal Swiftwater, Whitewater, or River Rescue class is advised. Purchase of this device is subject to the Solgear Terms and Conditions.

    • Brand = Solgear
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 50066

    Category: Rafting Accessories


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