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Misc. Yard Game


  • ~NEW~ The Whitewater Game

    A Swift Action River Card Game
    "WhiteWater – the swift action river card game™” simulates a river trip down a raging whitewater river.  Each player starts with 6-8 cards.  Play starts with the first player left of the dealer.  With each turn the player must either 1) play a card that matches the color, the rapid class, hazard type, or safety card of the last card played or 2) plays the appropriate safety card to negate a hazard, or 3) plays a wild card if allowed.  If unable to play, the player takes a card from the deck.  If that card cannot be played that player’s turn ends.  If the card may be played, it may be used immediately and then that player’s turn ends.  Play then passes to the next person.  Play continues until one player runs out of cards.  Each player then adds up the value of the cards remaining in their hand to post their score for the round.  The player with the lowest score at the end of the game wins.  The game ends when one player exceeds a score of 300 or an agreed upon score if a shorter or longer game is desired."

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