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  • Backcountry SKiing Utah ~NEW~

    Guides the reader from the urban backcountry of the Wasatch Front to spectacular desert destinations in Zion and Bryce, with detailed maps and information on backcountry equipment, techniques, and safety.

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  • Best Easy Day Hikes Canyonlands & Arches ~NEW~

    Fully updated and revised, this edition includes trail descriptions and maps of the author's favorite short hikes in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. All hikes included in this book, with one exception, do not have steep hills, are on well-defined, easy-to-follow trails, and take hikers into some of the most scenic sections of the park. GPS coordinates for all trailheads are now included.

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  • Hiking & Exploring Utah's San Rafael Swell 4th Ed. ~NEW~

    This book covers the same areas as previous editions, but has lots of updates, plus half a dozen completely new hiking regions.  Some new hikes are to the top of, or inside, Hondu Arch from Tomsich Butte; and to Johns Hole, Keesle Canyon & Crack–climbers will love this one.  Lots of new history  too.  One is a hike, or drive if the 4WD road it’s too bad, to an area where in 1943, a US Army Air Force plane went down with 6 men–which happens to be in a very scenic valley at the south end of the Swell.  Also discussed are a couple of shoot-outs: one being the killing of Shoot-‘Em-Bill Hatfield, of Hatfield & McCoy’s fame, along with new history of the San Rafael Ranches, the old mail trail running between Green River and Hanksville, plus more.   It also has the story of the 2 young sheepherders who shot Sheriff Burns in 1894 in the mountains east of Castle Valley, but escaped to the East Desert and McCarty Canyon where they had a shootout with other marshals.  Those marshals were guided by Sid & Rod Swasey.   Those 2 sheepherders, who were just boys, escaped and lived their lives elsewhere–but no one knows where they went, or under what new names they must have used.  If their kinfolk know, they aren’t talking!  Also in this edition is an updated history of the Swasey family and their adventures in the San Rafael region.  All that research is the reason this book is a little late coming out.  Also, new to this edition are lots more hikes to rock art sites.
    352 pages, 410 mostly-color photos.

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  • Non-Technical Canyon Guide To The Colorado Plateau ~NEW~

    With 16 new mapped regions and an additional 32 new pages, Michael R. Kelsey has once again expanded his number-one-selling guidebook: Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau. In this new 6th edition, Kelsey has added many new hikes abundant with rock art and ruins that will bring the history and mystery of the Plateau alive. He has also added many new scenic and photogenic hikes whose beauty will be etched into your mind forever. New hikes can be found in Cathedral Valley in Capitol Reef National Park and in White Pockets—an amazing region of the Sand Hills/Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Other new hiking regions include Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Inscription Rock, CaƱon Pintado, and Dinosaur National Monument. Kelsey has also included over 380 color photographs, most of which are new to this edition.  Though the hikes that are considered technical—where ropes and rappelling are required—have been placed in Kelsey’sother top-selling guidebook, Technical Slot Canyon Guide to the Colorado Plateau, two of the more adventurous hikes still remain—the Black Hole and West Canyon.  Whether you are new to hiking and canyoneering the Colorado Plateau or an old desert rat, this new edition is a must have.
    416 pages, 385 photographs, 15cm x 23cm (6"x9")

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  • Technical Slot Canyon Guide To The Colrado Plateau 2nd ed. ~NEW~


    Introducing the newest, most comprehensive, and simply best southwest technical canyoneering book ever produced by Michael Kelsey! In this all new second edition of Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau you will find over 330 pages documenting over 110 different major technical canyons plus many, many smaller (though no less challenging) tributary canyons. Several of the canyons in this edition have never been published before. Divided into nine different geographic regions spread out through both Southern Utah and Northern Arizona (with a few in Western Colorado,) this book will provide many seasons worth of gear wearing, skin scrapping, heart pounding canyoneering adventure to any moderate to expert canyoneer. With over 370 amazing full color photographs this book is also an amazing canyoneering photo pictorial–if the books format was larger you would want to use it as a coffee table book in the off season.
    As point ofclarification and warning, this book is not for the beginner, novice, or out of shape canyoneer. This is a technical canyon guidebook. All canyons found in this guidebook require moderate to advanced climbing techniques and a majority of the canyons require the use of rope and or other specialized equipment to safety traverse them. For canyons that do not require a higher degree of climbing know-how or specialized gear see Kelsey’s Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau.
    336 pages, 377 full color photos, 15cm x 23cm (6"x9") 

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  • The Best Canyonds National Park Hikes ~NEW~

    • A wide variety of hikes in Canyonlands National Park, near Moab, Utah, from family-friendly to difficult treks
    • Includes detailed comments, route descriptions, driving directions, maps, difficulty ratings, and nearest landmark
    • Fits in your pocket or daypack and features color photos and maps throughout the book

    The Best Canyonlands National Park Hikes is the second pack guide published for the state of Utah by Colorado Mountain Club Press. The 20 hiking trails in this fit-in-your-pocket guide will help you explore Canyonlands National Park—337,570 acres of high-desert wonderland just southwest of Moab, Utah. 

    Canyonlands National Park consists of mighty river canyons, high mesas, needles, eroded landscapes, and the natural wonder of Upheaval Dome. Hikers will experience incredible vistas, soaring arches, ancestral Puebloan Indian ruins and pictographs, an abundance of spires and needles, and the deep canyons that give Canyonlands National Park its name. 

    Experience Utah’s spectacular red rock country. The hikes in this pack guide will take you on a difficult 10.8-mile hike to Druid Arch in the Needles District, and to Mesa Arch—the most photographed arch in Canyonlands—in the Island in the Sky District. The trails range from some of the more popular hikes to those trails that lead you to remote areas of the park, such as Tower Ruin and Peekaboo Arch, where you may not see another hiker.

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