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Avalanche Gear


  • BCA Avalanche Gear

    TESTED - Tracker DTS

    • Brand = BCA
    • Condition = Pre-Owned

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    Category: Avalanche Gear

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  • Black Diamond Avalung Element - NEW

    Avalung Element
    Designed to provide field-proven performance with an innovative, removable design, the Black Diamond AvaLung Element is a lightweight avalanche safety tool that significantly extends fresh air supply in the event of an avalanche burial. By pulling fresh air from the surrounding snowpack and directing exhaled CO2 out an exhaust port and away from the face, the AvaLung Element can increase usable air supply under the snow by up to four times. The unit is compatible and easy to install on any AvaLung-ready backpack, and fully removes for four-season pack usage.

    • Only compatible with AvaLung-ready packs
    • Bi-valve intake box pulls air from the surrounding snowpack
    • Mouthpiece delivers fresh air from valve box and expels CO2 out exhaust port
    • Fully removable from pack without tools for versatile four-season use

    • Brand = Black Diamond
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 27057

    Category: Avalanche Gear

  • Black Diamond Quickdraw Probe Tour 320 - NEW

    Quickdraw Probe Tour 320
    A durable, all-aluminum probe with a 320 cm length, the Black Diamond Quickdraw Tour Probe 320 is designed for snow study, ski guides, patrollers and skiing deep terrain. The Tour 320’s updated ferrules make for increased durability and quick alignment, while the integrated stuff sack and non-slip grip make for fast, one-pull deployment in emergency situations.

    • Updated dual Quickdraw speed ferrules make for extremely fast deployment with maximum durability
    • Rapid deployment stuffsack integrates with the probe’s pull cord for one-pull readiness
    • Non-slip grip provides secure purchase, even with wet gloves
    • Oversized, durable alloy tip improves probing sensitivity by creating a hole larger than the probe shaft
    • High-visibility 1 cm markings
    Tech Specs
    Weight :   385 g (14 oz)
    Length :   320 cm (126 in)

    • Brand = Black Diamond
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 27044

    Category: Avalanche Gear

  • Black Diamond Transfer 3 Shovel ~NEW~

    Transfer 3
    Built with an extendable handle and high-volume blade profile, the Black Diamond Transfer 3 Shovel helps you throw as much snow as possible from the smallest footprint. Its durable, smooth-bottom blade give you clean walls in your snow pit and the versatile design works well in any backcountry situation.

    • Extendable, removable trapezoidal shaft with a redesigned, anodized blade
    • Hybrid D/T handle
    Tech Specs
    Weight :   692 g (1 lb 8 oz)
    Blade Volume :   1.14 L (0.3 gal)
    Collapsed Length :  
    61.0 cm (24.0 in)
    Extended Length :  
    79.0 cm (31.1 in)

    • Brand = Black Diamond
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 27046

    Category: Avalanche Gear

  • Black Diamond/Pieps Sport Avy Set - NEW

    This set includes the necessities for anyone from seasoned backcountry skiers to someone taking their Avalanche 101 class. The PIEPS DSP Sport Beacon features a large, circular search radius and three antennas for pinpoint accuracy. A Transfer 3 Shovel packs small to take up little pack space and extends with the quick pull of a handle. This kit also includes the fast, durable QuickDraw Tour 280 cm Probe for use in anything from measuring test pits to performing fine searches in a rescue.

    • PIEPS DSP Sport Beacon
    • Transfer 3 Shovel
    • QuickDraw Tour 280 cm Probe
    Tech Specs
    Antennas :   3
    Frequency :   457 kHz (EN 300718)
    Power Supply :   3 Alkaline AAA batteries, IEC-LR03, 1.5V
    Battery Life :   200+ h in send-mode
    Maximum Range :   50 m (164 ft)
    Search Strip Width :   50 m (164 ft)
    Probe Length :   280 cm (110 in)
    Probe Weight :   316 g (11 oz)
    Beacon Weight :   200 g (7.1 oz ) including batteries
    Beacon Dimensions :   115 x 74 x 27 mm (4.5 x 2.9 x 1.1 in)
    Shovel Weight :   692 g (1 lb 8.4 oz)
    Shovel Blade Volume :   1.14 L (0.3 gal)

    • Brand = Black Diamond
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 27368

    Category: Avalanche Gear

  • Brooks-Range Mountaineering Basic Snow Study Kit ~NEW~

    Our most basic Snow Study Kit, perfect for an AIARE Level I avalanche course, has all the essential tools you need for basic evaluation of the snowpack, including:
    • Fieldbook #311
            Allows you to write under any condition regardless of how wet or cold.
    • Slope Meter
            Accurately measure the angle of any slope.
    • Snow Crystal Card
            3 textured grids for examining snow crystals and doubles as inclinometer. Backside has snow pit legends.
    • Folding Magnifier X10
            For viewing snow crystals up close.
    • 100 cm Folding Ruler
            For documenting a snow pit with precision.
    • Dial Stem Thermometer
            To document the snowpack's temperature and easily recognize if there is a gradient.
    • A Brooks-Range Snow Study Pouch
            For compact storage.

    • Brand = Brooks-Range
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 36805

    Category: Avalanche Gear

  • Brooks-Range Mountaineering Compact EXT Sharktooth Shovel ~NEW~

    When you head out for a winter backcountry adventure, you always want to make sure you are carrying a shovel. You never know when you might need it. The Compact Shovel is small, light weight and will fit into your pack with ease. Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum for increased durability. The Sharktooth edge allows you to dig into hard snow and ice easily
    The EXT has an extendable shaft that adds an additional 10'
    •Blade Size: 9 3/4' x 9 3/4 (24.75cm x 24.75)
    •Weight: 28oz (793g)
    •Compact length: 30' (76.2cm)
    •Extended length: 40'(101.6cm)
    •Longest broken down section: 16 7/8' (42.8cm)
    •6061 T6 Aluminum
    •Shaft insert deep into the blade for increased durability
    •Slots in the blade for easy carrying system
    •Disassembles into three parts

    Item ID: 36801

    Category: Avalanche Gear

  • Brooks-Range Mountaineering Dial Stem Thermometer ~NEW~

    Our Dial Stem Thermometers read degrees in Celsius only since it is the standard scale for international studies in snow science. It comes with an easy-to-read one-inch diameter dial and five-inch long stem. The stainless steel stem has adjustment for calibration. Includes a case with a clip.

    • Brand = Brooks-Range
    • Condition = New

    Item ID: 36807

    Category: Avalanche Gear


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